The Uncanny Calvary

A Light in the Darkness

An Uncanny Calvary Campaign

The game picked up where it left off four weekends ago when the GM’s computer had unexpected problems while we were in combat. The three remaining Alien Intelligence fragments put a serious hurting on the group, nearly killing a couple of us as various points in the combat session. The Sword of Talyn proves to be VERY effective at hurting them while the rest of the party discover that these beings are resistant to all energy attacks except fire which does double damage to them and physical attacks do normal damage to them.

After the final “Hopper” (as we and the GM were referring to them as) was destroyed when it slipped on a patch of ice Bardou had placed under it’s feet with a spell, then proceeded to fillet it up, the group found out that there were maps and journals near what used to be a mirror after it was destroyed when an enemy only known as The Dark Lord had stepped through it (this had happened in the previous game session that all of the players attended four weeks ago). The group collected the maps and journals for later review and found out from Grim that there were more prisoners in the pit in the cave.

Bardou went down to check out the bottom of the pit and found that there was another pit in the floor of the pit which had a 10’ diameter hole covered by a grate and ringed by 12 cages set in the ground, one of which was sealed with a stone door protected by a ward of Darkness. He detected that the stone door was protected by a ward which he then removed with his sword. There were 7 prisoners in the other 11 cages, which Bardou had released them, used his psionic powers to diagnosis all of them to see if any of them were in critical condition (which none of them were), then bring them to the top of the pit where they were further stabilized.

Mike had Bardou escort the refugees out to where Grim was while Sirius and Jack flew back down to the bottom of the pit to find out was was in the last cage with the stone door. There was what appeared to be a young male with platinum blonde hair that had very serious open wounds and was bound to the wall by means of enchanted silver chains. Sirius attempted to heal the wounds while Jack used psychic powers to determine the boy’s emotions and discovered that the chains prevented the boy to receive any healing and cause him massive agony. Everyone decided to wait until Bardou could come back to inspect the chains.

Upon closer inspection, Bardou discovered that the silver chains were designed to sap the creature bound by them of it’s energy and prevent any healing done to it (among other things, ask Joe). Jack was able to pick the locks on the chains and Bardou caught the boy as he fell forward. They could tell that the boy’s wounds were already starting to heal, and then they found out that his recovery rate was even better if he was exposed to true sunlight (this was because a Globe of Daylight spell was cast to see in the cage once it was opened).

All of the refugees were led back to Ella where they were treated, and Mike had asked the local doctor to keep them informed when the boy came to. After that, they spent the next couple of days letting armors regenerate from damage taken (or fixed if needed) before they went to MercTown escorting one of the refugees who was on his way to the Collegiate Arcane in MercTowns. While Bardou was learning spells as well as speaking with the Archmagister about a specific spell, Mike and the rest of the group had gone into town to pick up some special parts for a special project and then order the rest.

A few days goes by as the group takes time to look over the maps and journals left behind and find that the maps are for the areas of the Territory of the New Washington Republic and some surrounding areas, and the journals contain detailed notes on many people and places in the area, including the Uncanny Calvary. Shortly after that, the group is discussing the unsettling implications of the journals when they are informed that the boy is finally awake. The boys name is Jake and he can’t remember much more than that. But he was able to remember the name of a Necromancer that “The Dark Lord” frequently used, Meriadoc.


Awesome Recap, Love it!

A Light in the Darkness
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