The Uncanny Calvary

Eyes in the Shadows

The Silver Sword

Our Heroes and their new Fledgling Territory have found themselves in a state of Growth and Popularity. Refugees from Tolkeen have arrived in great numbers lead by Mercenaries on their way to Merctown and various knights or heroes from the West. The Refugees finding the new territory to have great promise and new beginnings settle down to stay while a few others proceed to Merctown with hopes of moving further south.

Ella is growing by leaps in bounds having been near death when The Uncanny Calvary first came to its rescue it is now a thriving and Growing Town with a population of 650 people and growing. with that said all of the communities have had an increase in Population, Hawk Ridge has grown as well as Riverside which was considered almost a total lost. Hawk Ridge in fact has put the trading post up for sale hoping to once again bring in and sell trade the communities at large make.
Yes, Life has begun to find a way to grow and refurbish what was lost in the River valley,
It is a nice change for once to see things peaceful and it is an exciting time in the new territory.
Bardou having finished deciphering the discovered journals of the the enemy debriefs Mike on what he found with the most interesting of details being a Being of power mentioned as Jakiel-Xyr a guardian who helped to keep Ella and the surrounding Community safe from supernatural predators. a being who was manipulated by the very leaders he believed were doing the same thing he was.
Could this be Jake?
if it is, it is more than obvious the young man discovered something that caused him to question his superiors and to the extent that they stooped to such diabolical tortcher and it mentions another guardian as well that was captured.
Who are these beings who are being deceived and manipulated by those they believe are their leaders and more importantly,
Who is Q.
How big does his Province span and why has none of the Calvary Heard anything about these rulers. Grimm thinks by asking around in a not so obvious manner he may be able to find some answers. it is obvious to him that the mountain man Jake knew this boy, and thinking back to his time spent with the Wilderness man he thinks he mentioned the name once or twice casually but not in depth, surely others may know more.
These are Questions that still need to be answered for certain. Perhaps the Disappearance of Jake and the Arrival of the Galu have something in common with this Jakiel-Xyr and his disappearance.
The journals however, also shed light on other communities within the borders of the newly forming Territory, mention of Psychic warriors, Enchanted Forests and even Dwarves in the north east mountains not to mention a pack of Werewolves even. Lion, tigers and bears oh my! Are they potential allies or will they pose a problem? again more good questions.
Mike is called into a meeting with Lady Ella herself one of the four original founding Families of Ella and sole Surviving family. She has been the driving force of Strength and persistence during this time of trouble and tribulation, doing everything she can to keep the town and the surrounding communities together and confidant they they would pull through this. She is currently the acting Mayor but wants to hold an election to be sure she is wanted as mayor and is offering any who wish to run for the town position who may want it.
She also wants The sheriffs Position to also be an elected office and separate entity so it is run by the people for the people and not at the whim of the mayor to keep justice fair.
Lady Ella tells Mike that The people want to make him Governor of New Washington but as she well knows Mike is humble and wishes to make this an election and choice as well and with the building of the Territory perhaps a council made up of representatives of those towns would prove useful in uniting the area. Mike likes the idea and so it will be.
The first election of the new Washington Territory will come order.
Several people put their hat into the ring so to speak for mayor. Ben Stanton (rescued by the Calvary) has said he has an interest and another survivor of one of the perished four families has returned to Ella to run for the mayors seat as well, David Reiner a line walker who was trained in Lazlo has returned to take his place as the family head.
the election is a calm, friendly race with each participant having viable issues.
Mike Chooses Grim to run for Sheriff of Ella and so far he runs unopposed – seems everyone likes what the Calvary has done with the place.
a few nights later as Mike is shining his Chassis when Grimm calls –
There has been a Murder.
When Mike arrives at the house he finds it the residence of Ben Stanton who is in bed with a silver sword sticking out of his chest – It would seem that Mud slinging is done with Swords now a days!?
Bardou is called to interpret the writing on the swords Hilt and finds it is an ancient dialect of arcane Latin with the name Sandra McAlister. Mike calls in Doc. Thompson and also finds a Severed hand at the scene.
Investigating Sandra finds her residence actually down the street from Stanton’s and it is also open and Sandra is found Unconscious in her meditation room with a severed hand. she however is alive. Doc rushes her to the Clinic while the group continues their investigation.
While this is going on Athena immediately upon getting to Stanton’s house picks up a scent and takes off after it so fast jack is bounced around like a Saturday morning cartoon character. the scent takes Athena out of town and she says it is a human scent mixed with something else.
the scent takes her five minutes into the woods and off the main trail that goes to Merctown to a Very familiar and often passed three story tower in various stages of ruin . While sniffing around here Athena is attacker by a guardian Gargoyle who dose no more than to serve Jack as target practice.
the team converges on the tower but the gargoyle showing great intelligence retreats to live on. The team just about obliterates the tower sending it crashing to the ground by the team but a basement is found by Bardou despite their best efforts. Descending into the depths finds yet another body length mirror several tables and a desk with a map. Bardou looks at the map which has a big red circle and slash around the wolves community.
the team decides its time to talk to the three visitors from the past to see if they know anything that can help them with their findings and Mike blasts the Mirror into tiny bits of glass just as Bardou objects.
No Mirrors – that might just be my new campaign slogan! .
The visitors do in fact know somethings that could prove helpful.
The mirrors are a sort of Doorway that pierces the veil to the Lands of eternal night – The Night Lands.The Mirror is like a gate that allows them passage in and out. it seems the mirrors are the only way in or out of the Night Lands. they know the Night Lands are a mirror image of our world, almost exactly, except it is always Night there.
(they have not really traveled there in great length to have exact details just from what they saw) . On the earth time they come from, there are beings called Guardians, no they are not human but beings of light, truth and hope. they bodies feed off of the sun and are very powerful in the fight against the Dark, the undead and the demonic in general needles to say they are extremely deadly to vampires!
Guardians appear as teenagers or young men that can look human but whose bodies are pure light! there are rumors of Guardians who have great feathered wings and are hunters of evil who look almost angelic, they are not to be confused with the hunters of the night lands who are evil and reptilian in appearance and nature. the three are not sure if guardians can become evil, they have never encountered any but it is possible they suppose if Angels can fall then so can Guardians.
Grimm gets a call that Sandra is awake and informs Mike and the team heads to the Clinic. Questioning Sandra finds her Innocent of any wrong doing. Sandra is a Mystic and says she was in her Meditation Room where also incidentally is where she keeps her Sword on the wall next to a small workout mat. She was meditating when she was attacked by a strong powerful man who overwhelmed her and knocked her out. when she woke up she was at the Clinic. Dock said he was keeping her for a few days due to several broken bones that had been mended but he wants to reattach the hand and he will be doing that tonight, and then she will no doubt need some rehabilitating with it afterwords. While the team was there, Jake was awake and doing well, so well in fact that he was being released the next morning. he wants out of the room and to help in anyway he can. so mike starts his training with the militia and despite Doc objections finds the boy a quick learner and very strong and capable of keeping up with Grimm which surprises everyone but Grimm who can sense the supernatural power within him.
Grimm takes it as his responsibility to train the young lad and get him back into fighting shape and mike is seeing great possibilities for the young man.
The group makes plans to go to Psyloc and Jake excitedly asks to come along wanting to do something – the boy is a tad bit stir crazy and seeks action versus just sitting around. Mike and the team agree and so they are off to Psyloc where they meet several interesting people all of whom know Jake and are excited to see him.
He is greeted well and excitedly having been missing for two months.
it would seem the whole village knows him in one way or another, all of it Jake takes in Studiously listening to everything hoping something will jog his memory.
Psyloc is run by Sir Reginald a Well known Cyber-knight to areas near and far and is even regarded as a friend of the Coalition States even if does associate with undesirables. His honor is legendary and he shows his hospitality to the team. Sir Reginald is assisted by Kern a Paladin with the crest of a Fiery Phoenix on his robes his size of fifteen feet in height and four large powerful looking arms gives the being away as a Rahu-man.
Both Sir Reginald and are glad to see Jake but are both sad to see his condition. in fact the scars on the young man anger Sir Reginald and Kern both who talk very highly of the Lad, Sadly mike discovers why while talking with Sir Reginald that Jake is missing his most beautiful and majestic feature – his wings (cut off by his captors and finally answering the mystery to the large scars on Jake’s back).
Jake takes this in stride as most of his back has healed due to his increased time in the sun but there are no signs save two small bumps on his back. obviously it will take time to grow them back but Jake is Patient and optimistic.
intrigued by the big man Bardou strikes up a conversation with Kern where he wishes to spar with the big man. Kern Smiles at this but has to decline due to the closeness of his Patrol duties. Sir Reginald throws a feast for the Calvary whom he says he has heard of and their defense of Ella and is after talking to mike intrigued by his New Washington Territory and wants to know more. during the conversation the wolves are brought up by mike as he searches for information on them. Sir Reginald talks about them as being a strong Wolf and large Wolf Pack and yes they are Werewolves but the refrain from eating humanoids and keep to the animals but taking only what they need to survive. they live to the south just shy of a portion of the enchanted forest. Sir Reginald mentions that to the east of them just within the boundaries of the enchanted forest is a Community of diverse people being human, alien and some even elemental in nature. they call their community the Brotherhood of the Magi and as the name suggests they are a community of Magic users and other gifted people. Mike finds awesome and frightening all at once and instantly changes his mind thinking it would be a wiser move to talk with the Brotherhood first before the Werewolves. Sir Reginald volunteers to go with as he knows the community and it might make introductions smoother. they tend to be a secretive bunch but open to those they know and we have a PSi-warrior here who is considered a member of thier society. HE believes the brotherhood calls them Wardens.
so now the group is on their way to the Brotherhood of the MAGI. what exciting fate awaits our young Heores.
Tune in next time for another exciting episode of –
The Uncanny Calvary.


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