The Uncanny Calvary

Hungry like a Werewolf

Hungry like a Werewolf!

The Calvary came to Lunar Lake for diplomatic reasons and instead arrived to give aid after a vicious attack made by what looked to be Mercenaries equipped to deal with Lycanthropes. According to reports you have received from Psyloc and the mages the Werewolves are loners, keeping to themselves and interact with people for trade and news but not much else. They patrol the area in and around the enchanted forest and help keep the peace in this area of the region. To put it frankly- who is really going to mess with a pack of Werewolves?
Lunar Lake sits at the head of the enchanted forest a thick dense forest know to be drenched in magic, mystery and Fairies and controlled by those Faeries, more specifically by Elves. Various creatures live in the forest but seldom come out of it except for the elves who job it is to trade and by goods they might need that the forest itself can’t supply. The Werewolves are under the protection of the elves for the work they do.
There will be Hell to pay!
The Village was in shambles and torn apart when the mercenaries found out that Alpha Marcus was with the young wolves for their coming of age ceremony they wasted no time heading into the mountains to the west of the forest. The Calvary went the same way hoping to catch the mercenaries. They found three bogies moving fast towards the mountains on their radar and the group gave chase. Hoping to stop the Calvary’s charge the two of the bogies turned back to intercept and take care of the Calvary. They underestimated the Calvary’s expertise in fighting and the Calvary made short work of them tying the captured prisoners up so they would not escape.
Following the three were simple but the three bogies were no longer moving. They came across the first on a personnel carrier they took by surprise and then headed for the others. Where the group were in for the fight of their lives. Werewolves versus Soldiers, demons, ogres and some sorcerous bitch surrounded by eye balls-

“Great ! More Eyeballs! Why does it always have to be eyeballs?”

The Mercenaries were well prepared and the Werewolves were slowly losing falling to weapons made of silver and magic from a dark Sorceress. Alpha Marcus was easy to find as he was the largest meanest Wolf on the field and barely phased while looking to have several bleeding wound that would fall any man. He was a massive Werewolf standing 12 foot tall with Dark Gray Wolf like humanoid with eyes of fire and parts of his skin missing revealing muscles, bones and tissue that continuously bleed. His teeth and claws were made of steel and hje had a ridge of spike that topeed his head and went down his spine. He held powers no other Werewolf had. to his right was a smaller Werewolf who was a Silver back Wolf with eyes of pure silver and Bone spikes that looked to have ripped through the wolfs skin at the elbows and knees and hurled spells at the Hunters that attacked the Alpha.

The Calvary wasted no time and sounded the charge ripping into the enemy.

Bardou – singled out the sorceress and the eyeballs slowly containing their threat inside an Electrified field and upsetting the bitches casting. Bardou also made himself a pain in the ass of a fire warlock that was igniting the area on fire for some reason while chanting. Unfortunately the Warlock was able to restart the spell he was using and successfully cast it summoning forth a huge Greater Fire Elemental which brought on confused excited yelps of joy from the Calvary and cries of , “Trap him” and “don’t let him get away!”
Bardou then managed to trap the Elemental in frozen animation and now they have their Elemental power source for the Ship.

Governor Mike Stone – made his way to Alpha Marcus as an Earth quake erupted at the Alphas feet killing several mercenaries and destroying the Alpha’s Armor! Mike was able to pull the Alpha out of the crater that formed under the Alpha’s feet and then the two ripped into a hunter that got too close the two making an devastating and effective pair taking out the two hunters attacking them. The their Attention turned to a large and powerful Brodkil making his way through Werewolves like they were nothing but insignificant flies to be swatted to the side.
He was Large, broad and well-Muscled and wore a Black Suit of Samson Power Armor. A Scar was across his left cheek and a black Eye Patch over his right eye. The Demon wielded a massive Silver two-handed blade he held in one hand etched with symbols that glowed black against the silver metal and the bastard took out a Werewolf with one swing and step working his way through, the sword cutting deep and sharp. Marcus wasted no time and raced towards him determined to save his people, Mike racing close behind him. It was a fight but the two killed the bastard but as they did the Demon and his vile sword turned to dust and dispersed across the wind like dust.

Jack and Athena – went after another hunter and Athena clamped down on the Hunters Shoulder while the Hunter returned Athena’s Affection in kind and wrapped his arms tight around Athena’s neck and took off into the air!
“Now I’ve done seen, most everything when I see a Raptor Fly!”
The Hunter attempted to Break Athena’s Neck but Athena Didn’t like the thought of that and with jacks help broke free of the hunter flying through the air and catching everyone’s attention.
“Look Mommy! There’s a Raptor up in the sky.”

Sirius – Took out the mage Responsible for the earthquake as well as several surviving mercenaries one by one till there was nothing left to hit dodging any and all strikes aimed at him with very little effort.

Unfortunately with the battle turning against her the Dark sorceress stepped back through a dark portal and vanished cursing the Calvary’s untimely arrival and swearing their deaths one day soon!

So it was that the new Washington Territory was expanded once again and the day saved by the Uncanny Calvary.


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