The Uncanny Calvary

The Journals of the Dark Lord


Journals of the Dark Lord

Lord Q has promoted me!
It is however to Artegon’s Region! He was a Loyal Brother at arms, He will be sorely missed.
Ha! Who am I kidding, Artegon Was a Tribute to His Forces, A being who saw all life as precious and worth protecting and saving, Blah! His time in that region was way too long!. The only regret I have is that we lost several other potential recruits to our cause. And his region is not in the most desirable of places. It sits between the most risky of places, on the proverbial fence as it were.
Well, I will make due! My first Squad! This is a huge Honor and my own Region. I will not let Q down, I cannot let him down!
Artegon’s Region is a small valley between the lands of Magic to the east, the Human ruled lands of the CS to the west and the Mercenary town Merctown to the South.
This has been a difficult region to protect for Artegon keeping his forces Busy with how large and spread out it is. Despite it being 50 miles from Merctown, it holds one of the main Trails to the Mercenary Town and as such is regularly patrolled by its defense forces and the communities herein enjoy their protection despite its distance.
This valley has many disturbances due to the Nexus to the north and the Close proximity of the CS to the west which is a constant thorn and of course there is the lovely Federation of Magic to the east. Yes, they are by far the most promising of territories with their diverse feelings and the hardships of the land. Merctown however will pose a problem, the colligate is too much like Lazlo and There is something about the Arch-Mage Cearcy that makes me think we should watch him more closely, there is something familiar about him and not in a good way.
Of course my first orders are simple find and eliminate the mage who took out Artegon and half his squad! Q wants this bastard found at all cost, I am new here and if I act too hastily those who are not part of the core will find out what is going on. Artegon had stumbled on to our secret and had to be taken care of. It was only blind luck that this Dam mage found him first if I could find him before Q however, maybe , perhaps a deal could be struck but if not, oh well, Humans are a dime a dozen, one less will not matter!
To lose half the squad to him though speaks volumes and if He can be persuaded perhaps to join me, well, His power would only be an addition to my own. We will have to see, Replacements are being sent as I write this I will need to work carefully. Replacements mean new recruits from the brotherhood and that means those who could jeopardize everything. Should our brothers and sister find out what has been going on we may not be able to hold them back.
• Q has given me an extra Hunter and two Guardians to replace the five fully trained and experienced warriors that were killed! How am I supposed to work with a shortage of two highly trained and skilled warriors like that!
o Q wants me to personally train The Fledgling recruit, ME! Why, how did I anger Q so to have him do this to me! To teach this inexperienced twit will cause me no amounts of distress and slow me down and I can say right now he is trouble! I do not like him. His name is Jakiel-Xyr and the youth constantly tries to impress me daily with his skills and prowess and it is everything I can do not to slap him silly! Although I must admit he is good, one of the best I have seen, His senses are extraordinary and Q says He is special somehow and I see it. The Boy has Power all to his own and at such a young age, surely I was not as gifted as he when I was at his age but I find the youth disturbing. He questions everything I say and often does things his way getting results faster and more efficient. He gets the job done but His ways are too closely linked to Artegon’s, His manners, and his value towards all life will do doubt be trouble. I don’t like this, this seems like something that could jeopardize everything and the youth is driving me absolutely crazy. I have to send him off on long missions into the wilderness just keep my sanity! Q tells me to be Patient that if properly handled will make a great addition to our cause, I must disagree, I cannot see this youth turning from the path he is on and that will no doubt bring us trouble
o The Guardians like the fledgling and so do the others of the squad, His prowess grows with each passing day. They have all nicknamed him “The Hunter” Hell, Yesterday alone the youth intercepted a scouting team of Alu near the Coalition Border. He single handedly dispatched all four. He has also befriended the Mountain Man Jake and has been learning the area from him. This will prove disastrous as I have targeted Jake for Elimination. He senses something is amiss in the region and has been traveling more and more to find out what is going on.
• I have summoned forth my minions straight away to begin our Mission Forthwith, we cannot fail. Q is Patient, too patient and I need replacements for the two missing warriors. Replacements I can trust. We have been here for so long and our power grows with each new Area I can feel the power flow through my veins. Surely there is nothing to fear from any who would defy us. Q says Patience however is better, therefore no rushing through this, take it step by step so no one suspects what we are doing. Should Brotherhood Find out it would mean the end to everything we have worked for and have been planning.
o Nytasian My Human Daughter and Zynthalien My Human son have finally arrived to aid me here in this region, Together I know we shall succeed where others have failed. They will go out into the region as Refugees from the war zone, there are so many coming and going who will notice. They will begin to see who we are up against, what they believe and begin to turn them to our cause. Luckily no knows about my children not even Q, Perhaps it is time to Look into my own growth in power.
• I have come across the perfect place to set up my secret Base of operations. My children can use it to their advantage. It is a small deserted Village located just outside the federations grasp but rich in Mystic energy, it is isolated and located in a small valley surround by medium mountains and a thick dark forest.
o Vampires! Filthy Vermin. They are why this Village is deserted and in ruin. One day death will have his victory over these vile beings, however perhaps I can turn this to my advantage. This is a good time to find Merrodach.
o The Vampires now serve me and my children! Their Master had to be dispatched and by calling in a favor I have dealt with their Intelligence! It is still alive but the poor thing will not be in any condition to do much of anything for a while to come!
• I have summoned Merrodach A Necromancer who worships the ground I walk on- Literally! he will keep the vampires in line and perhaps make a good spy out in the Zone. He finds this area intriguing and keeps going on about a darkness he can feel. He wants to investigate and so long as it does not jeopardize our mission he can do whatever he wants.
o I have found Merctown to be very handy, what a nice place, I am really beginning to like this new area and am wondering why Artegon had so much trouble, with just a little payment here, or there I suddenly have help keeping things in check without anyone becoming the wiser. An entire town of Mercenaries from different works of life and species. Remarkable. Not as remarkable as say Phase World or Splynn but it is a nice quaint little town and formidable for the area it is in. I have even found a Nauruni Company working in the town as well, Ahh well no one’s perfect!
• My children have begun to send back news of the surrounding areas and they are making friends they tell me. Good, that will help with future plans. I sense a kindred spirit in the area but I cannot tell from where it comes. Perhaps I will send Merrodach out in search of it. It is not a constant thing but it is familiar somehow.
• The Vampires have caught several travelers from the forest on their way to Merctown. Do these filth know no hunting tactics! To hunt this close to their home- Arrggg! I will have Merrodach talk with them. Meanwhile Merrodach tells me of a community to the south called Ravens Crest, it is a small community of Mages he has infiltrated and has begun to make nice with. He is so good at this it is sometimes frightening, it was a good thing I spared his life all those years ago. I believe I can make use of some of the mages there perhaps I too will pay them a visit.
 My Son has discovered another Town Called Ella located to the west some 50 or so miles. It is a small town, a village really but it is united together by four strong ruling families. They are a sturdy lot and more importantly there is a family among them that are twins to several of my servants in in the dark Dimension. I think it is time to do some swapping and see what I can find out.
 Success! Through My doppelganger in Ella I have learned of several other communities in the area. One in particular is Hawk Ridge which is an Ally of Ella and has their own Trading post and Silver mine, cha-ching! Also there is a small fishing village located north of Ella and A rather powerful Nexus Just over 100 miles from Koake. It has a connection to the Ley line not far from here. This will do very nicely. The one problem is that the nexus is closely watched by The Mountain man Jake and the mountain has even been named by the locals as Jakes Mountain. This is becoming a problem, when I take out Jakiel I will need to take Jake out as well.
• There are also 3 other Nexus points to the east of me but not nearly as powerful as the one north of Ella.
• Ella Intrigues Me – and I see it intrigued Artegon as well. There notes in his journals about walking among them and admiring their spirit and their efficiency. There are several signs he acted to save the town from attacks of a supernatural nature- hmmm, wonder where they came from. I will have to look into that, might prove useful. They are a mixed group and one of the families is rather power hungry. They have a dark secret they hide from the others. Perhaps I can use this to our advantage.
• My Daughter has discovered Dwarves to the north in the Iron Mountains. She found them out hunting boar. They are a tough group and she thinks there may be more, perhaps even a town. She will try to find where it is.
o Dwarves could mean trouble depending on what clan or type they may be. I have told her to keep me appraised.
• I have been able to infiltrate the Merctown Defense corp. This will help me keep tabs on things here and the surrounding area of Merctown. The last thing I need is the local law snooping around and it is always good to know what the Local power house knows.
• Ella was Attacked!
o That Psychotic Mage who took out Artegon harvested the souls of over 50 towns’ people and kidnapped 50 more and took them to the Nexus to feed them to his vile master! That I cannot allow! It could ruin everything, something like that could send agents of the brotherhood to investigate. That is after all what I am supposed to be here for! I must think of something fast.
o Where’s that dam Hunter and his Friend the Mountain is man, should they have known about this!
 Luckily my son was away in Merctown when the incident occurred but several of my doppelgangers are dead and more are missing.
 I thinking perhaps more than doppelgangers will be needed for my work but I must be very careful in what I do.
o My contacts at Merctown says the Defenders are on the investigation and a new development has risen. A group of mercs from the town has arrived to investigate the incident. Hmmm interesting.
 I don’t believe they did it! Not only did the mercs rescued the town’s people but they shut down the Nexus and took out A Gallu Demon and his Demonic squad before they could summon more to the area.
 Unfortunately Q wants to know why this happened in the first place a how could a Gallu be operating in my area without my knowledge. Q also wants me to keep an eye on the mercs who could become a problem to our cause.
 The Mercs Have proclaimed themselves the temporary defenders of Ella and their leader a CS Borg Has claimed the title of Sheriff. I am not sure if like this or not but too much activity to the east is taking my attention there. For now I have told my son to keep an eye on things and keep me appraised of the situation.
• Jakiel has come to the aid of Lunar Lake a small community located to the south. Seems they ran a foul a necromancer with a plan to raise an army against them. Turns out he didn’t realize they were a pack of werewolves. They are indebted to Jakiel for his help, the necromancer and his army are no longer a problem in that area.
• My son has found a small Mercenary unit located not too far from Merctown called the hostellers. They are a small unit training and doing small jobs of escort like service. Just under 12 soldiers of various race.
• My son has stumbled upon an enchanted forest to the south and east of Merctown just out of their patrol range he believes they are Fae but due to the nature of the forest is hesitant to enter. He has a long standing hatred of them and the feeling I have heard is mutual.
• Jakiel and the guardian Ariel came to the aid of Margery whose homestead is an inn for travelers coming in from the north along the main trail. Her place was attacked by a group of Brodkill who were unaware of her popularity. They were hunted down by Jake and Ariel and several travelers who happened to be there at the time.
o Jakiel has reported seeing demons to the east near the Iron Mountains, in one incident he and several dwarves killed a mixed party of demons lead by a mage wearing old Tolkeen colors. I wonder what they doing here so far east.
o Jakiel reports about a homestead called Sam’s cattle ranch where he raises various steer and even a few fury beetles. Sam has several D-bees in employ and is said to have some connection to the Cartier’s ranch north of Lazlo.
o Jakiel put an end to the life of several dark mages He says were in league with that bastard that killed Artegon. He says he may be getting closer to the mage himself. Interesting, Very Interesting.
o Jakeil saved the life of a Gray Seer from a band of Highwayman! I have warned him to stay clear of such things but the boy never listens. The Seer says he is from a Monastery located just beyond the hawk ridge mountain but no one has reported such a place to me as of yet. These seers could prove useful.
o Jakiel While hunting a band of rogue demons in the northern mountains has come across a small community of Psychic warriors led by a Cyber-Knight named Sir Reginald. The community is called Psyloc after some legendary hero from the past. He says they are becoming a common sight in the northern areas and have also begun to give aid to communities in our area. HE has learned that they were ally’s with Artegon and has suggested I speak with them and that our alliance could be of great help. I swear this young Hunter will be the death of me! The last thing I need are a bunch of psychic warriors about to disrupt everything I am doing here. However I can’t help but wonder if they were the reason Artegon became suspicious of our little group. I will have to investigate further.
• The Riverside village was attacked and the villagers taken captive but that dam Mage again! I can’t seem to catch a break around here! The Hunter is away investigating another Gallu Attack in the northern part of the region beyond Hawk Ridge. And there is demon activity to the east as well keeping my guardians busy. I sent word to my son perhaps he can intercept.
o The Mercs did it again with the help of the Merctown Defense Force. They saved the village but not before the village lost half its populace. They took the survivors back to Ella. Plans are to help rebuild one town at a time.
o The Mercs are now calling themselves the Uncanny Calvary, they are an interesting group I will give them that and very imaginative. According to my son they have a CS Borg, a Line walker, a battle mage who is a beat rider, an Atlantian (he could become a problem to my vampires) a Psi-hound (another potential problem). These mercs are just what I need for the time being but I am definitely going to have to watch them.
• The Hunter Jakiel has outlived his usefulness.
o He discovered several of my doppelgangers I had hidden to the north and killed them all. He gathered help from two Psyloc warriors, the guardian Ariel who I have no idea why was with him and that blasted Mountain man. Unfortunately one of the doppelgangers talked about how they belonged to me and my connection to the dark plane. I have no choice but to take them all out.
o The Psyloc warriors are dead Ariel and Jakiel I have imprisoned in different areas, I dare not kill them for that could be devastating to our cause and most certainly draw attention. However that fool human escaped! How much does he know about us? It is time to hunt that fool man down, how hard can that possibly be!
• Hawk Ridge was taken over by the fool Mage! Of all the cursed timing for this to happen. Why am I surrounded by idiots! Q wants to know why this fool has not been captured yet. He wants to know if Jakiel Has learned anything more about him. Now with this latest turn of advents Q wants the hunter to lead the guardians there, I don’t dare tell him that I have both on lock down! If he learns they know of our secret he will have my head for sure! For what possible purpose can that fool mage have I cannot even fathom. He took the town, the post and made a mockery of the Mercenaries I had hired to protect it.
o The Calvary have saved my hide once again! They took out the mage and his men and have re-opened the mines and are rebuilding the post and Hawk ridge. Perhaps I should put these boys on my payroll instead of the fools I have surrounding me!
o Perhaps they can figure out what was so important to that mage to draw so much attention to himself. I will have to make some inquires.
• Dwarves to the north with help from several Psyloc warriors have put down my hounds hiding in the area, I do not have time for this!
• The Calvary has taken out several of my cults and destroyed my portals to the east along the three nexus points there and killed the hound guards I had there. And they had so much potential. Now I will have to somehow find a way to put them down. This will not be easy.
• The Uncanny Calvary Has dubbed this entire area NEW WASHIGTON and under their protection! Does this nightmare ever end!


I know it is a bit lengthy but it has a load if information for you guys to know and figure out what perhaps your next plan should be. please be sure to read it.

The Journals of the Dark Lord
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