The Uncanny Calvary

The Rising Darkness

The Rising Darkness


The Calvary returned to Ella with their Prisoner. Mike would prefer to set this maniac in front of a firing squad but they need information from him and so long as he proves valuable he will live. In time the group get Mr. Vincent Clark to talk although with the right motivation it really wasn’t that hard. The group learned that while Merrodach is in league with the Dark Lord it is Merrodach who in fact has plans of his own, plans that include the total end of all things. Mr. Clark Now wants revenge against Merrodach for setting him up so he tells the group where they can find Merrodach or at least where he was going. A place to the south called Memphis. No one has heard of it so Bardou and Sirius return to Talyn 5 to make inquiries. Yukio goes and to the local tavern to see what the locals are talking about. Tonya and Grimm check in with the militia and Jake to see what they can find out. Mike goes to the local Church to seek wisdom.

Yukio: enters the High Noon Tavern and settles down with a drink striking up a conversation with the bar keep and several hunters. Seems the animals are becoming more aggressive lately and shadows prowl the woods at night as if you’re being followed but nothing is there. During the night wolves run in huge packs as if searching for something.

Tonya and Grimm: The two Return to the Sheriffs stations training ground to see about equipping Tonya better for the mission ahead. While there Grimm gets reports from the patrols and the watch about strange things going on in the forest. The animals are becoming restless, those who are non-predators are trying to get into barns and homes and such like they are scared out of their minds. Packs of wolves are becoming an increasing problem and some have even seen worgs in the mountains. Rumors from the north east say that dwarven soldiers have been securing the northern roads and are becoming more aggressive. Word is something has been attacking them but so far they have held their own. The patrol didn’t even know they had a dwarven population nearby.

Grimm has also learned from the shadows that shadow beasts and other denizens of shadow are being organized by several Shadow Lords. Tanis the High king of shadows has gone missing and this is causing a rift among the lords, if he is not found soon the lands of shadows may become a problem. OZ has gone to see what information he can find out for Grimm.

Bardou and Sirius: Both Return to Talyn 5 and ask about an ancient city called Memphis.
Memphis Tennessee is located south of old Paducah now called Merctown.
Talyn 5 gives a brief history of the City and some of its better known facts.
While seeking answers from Talyn 5, Sirius walks through the base and takes a turn he didn’t mean to and arrives in a part of the base he has not been in before.
In fact, power is shut down in this area to conserve on power consumption. He comes to a closed door with one of the hand security locks on it. Once opened he steps into what looks to be a mini control room of sorts. One side has a raised area with markings and on the other side of the room several consoles with flicking lights and switches. Sirius asks Talyn 5 what room is this and Talyn 5 responds promptly
“You are in the Portal Room”
This gets a paused response from both Sirius and Bardou – “Portal Room?”
“Talyn 5 where does the portal open to?” asks a surprised Sirius.
“The Portal Room Is connected to Talyn Prime the and several stable portals across the globe each with the designation of Talyn of which there are five in Total.” responds Talyn 5 Casually and a visual comes up on the viewer screen with four designations lit up to show their locations. One here in North America, One in South America, One In Africa and one in Antarctica.
Sirius then asks the obvious question in the room. “Ah, ok, so where is Talyn Prime?
The image on the screen expands to an image of the Sol System and its various planets, asteroid fields as well as the locations of the Sol Space communities which are still alive and well today despite a trying time of keeping things going. The communities are unaware of Talyn Prime as it is cloaked and only sends out communications once a year. It has unfortunately not heard any responses from any of the other three Talyns here on earth. They are however smaller and not as well equipped as Five and none of the Talyns are as equipped as Talyn Prime which is the main Base for all five. .
“Talyn Prime is located in Orbit above Titan, one of the Moons of Saturn. “
Talyn 5 Answers all the question leveled at her from both Sirius and Bardou. Yes, she has been in contact with Talyn Prime which is low on power but still able to function by shutting down all unnecessary functions. ie- Life support. The base is currently maintained by the stations security bots.
The portal can send and retrieve the group from anywhere it is attached to and also to one way destinations so long as there is a ley line to connect to. However the group is on their own to get back unless they can find a rift. The portal can connect to any open Rift and has safety measures to insure safe retrieval of Station personnel.

Sergeant Mike Stone Quietly Enters the Catholic Church that is Located in Ella or at least as quietly as a Combat borg can get. (the church is not dead but it is spread rather thin. The CS is mainly a Catholic faith base)
The sanctuary is silent save for the creaking of the boards beneath mikes feet.
He Speaks briefly with the Father there and then spends some time in meditation and deep thought. He is man of faith who relies heavily on what he can see and the might of his weapon systems. There is trouble ahead and yet suddenly he is inspired, refreshed and given strength to carry on.
Mike then gets a rather strange call from a very excited Bardou and Sirius. Something about a Talyn Prime?

The trip to Memphis is uneventful and the Calvary, make good time getting there. Almost as if the road was cleared for them. Navigating through the ruins of the once large city. Memphis stands now as a testament of a by gone era. You pull before an old Church that still stands and seems almost untouched, even nature seems to have stopped and gone around the ancient building giving the place a feeling of peace and tranquility with just a hint of uneasiness. Bardou feels the familiar surge of power from a ley line and more importantly a Nexus he cannot see but he feels it as if he was standing right on top of it. The front doors to the old church is open slightly but no sound comes from inside. Yukio decides to keep watch outside the old building feeling a bit uneasy about the place and the group enters the church. Then Shots ring out in the court yard as Yukio takes sniper fire. The fight is brief but it gives the group knowledge that they are not alone here.

The group re-enters the church with Yukio in tow and finds a place that is tended to and while not pristine, it is clean in general. Sleeping bags lay off to the side and other signs of life. The group enters the Sanctuary filled with stain glass windows amazingly still intact after all these years. There is an obvious missing presence to Mike. Where is the priest or the servants of the church who go about their daily routine? The move through the sanctuary with caution and move through the door to the left behind the Pastors Chair. It leads to a long corridor with a series of doors. Two are for storage another a small library and the one furthest is an office and study for the pastor. Complete with a fire place a small bookshelf a small bed and desk. In this room are the bodies of the pastor and three woman all dead. The sight takes mike back a bit. A door leading down to the basement makes Sirius mumble something about always down a creepy set of stairs into a dark shadowy place. Mike is silent, and just stares at the four dead people. He has certainly seen death before but this to him is different, this is just pure Evil!
Mike leads the group down the stairs and in to the basement and then through yet another door that leads further down beneath the church wear it finally opens to a place of great power. A Nexus bright and powerful sits directly under the old church like the very Eye of God himself. Bardou is more than just energized but is glowing with power from the magical energy he is now bathed in. pillars marked with religious symbols as well as magic hold the ceiling in place like the arms of a titan. A rift is open wide to a place on the other side filled with trees, a forest with soldiers guarding the complex the rift is obviously in. there is at least three guarding the rift and you simply know there is more than what you can see. Mike stares at the open rift knowing what he must do.
Then suddenly the room fades away and Mike is standing on the shore of a vast ocean brighter than the light of the sun. A calm peace flows over and through him. Strength and courage flow through him like a raging river and it flows through each of group one by one. Even as they are unaware as to where it comes from. Standing before mike now is a man dressed in Simple White robes with shoulder length brown hair a short brown goatee and brilliant blue eyes that hold mike still with confidence and grace.
“Do not be afraid of the task of ahead of you my son. His strength will go with you in your quest for justice. Be courageous and stand before the darkness and success will be yours. Go with his blessing and in his power.” Mike stares at the man as the seen before him fades and he suddenly knows who the man is.
“Yoric is that you?”
Yoric’s eyes flare with power. “Darkness has gone forth before you but with his might and power Victory will be yours if you go in his name”
The group stands ready, each looking at mike as he stands there wide eyed and Yoric speaks his words.
“Guys we’re now on a mission from God! We’re going in!”
Mike turns and with a breath he steps through the rift and the Calvary Follows.


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