Bardou Lyall

Wolfen Ley Line Walker


OCC: Ley Line Walker
Race: Wolfen
Gender: Male
Height: 8 foot 9 inches (9 foot 9 inches in power armor)
Weight: 456 lbs (1456 lbs in power armor)
Level: 4
XP: 11,200
XP needed to level 5: 17420

Alignment: Scrupulous

IQ: 15
ME: 14
MA: 15
PS: 21 Damage Bonus +6 (45 SN in power armor, Damage Bonus +30)
PP: 26 Strike/Dodge/Parry +6
PE: 19 Save vs. Magic/Poison +2 Save vs. Coma/Death +8%
PB: 20 Charm/Impress: 50%
Spd: 20 (14 mph)

HP: 37
SDC: 41
PPE: 271
ISP: 53

Special Abilities
Sense Ley Lines: 40 miles 50%
Sense Ley Line Nexus 60%
Sense Rift 80 miles
Sense Magic in Use 400’
See Magic Energy 1000’
Read Ley Lines
Ley Line Transmission
Ley Line Phasing
Ley Line Walking/Line Drifting
Ley Line Rejuvination
Ley Line Observations Ball
Ley Line Force Field 28 MDC
Keen Sense of Smell 28%
Recognize Common Smell 56%
Recognize Specific Smell 24%
Principals of Magic 64%
Nightvision 40 feet

OCC Skills
98% Lang: Trade 4
98% Lang: Dragonese/Elven
98% Lang: American
85% Lang: Demongogian
85% Lang: Faerie
98% Lit: Trade 4
98% Lit: Dragonese/Elven
60% Climbing (Climbing)
50% Climbing (Rappelling)
80% Math: Basic
52% Land Nav
55% Wilderness Survival
84% Pilot: Hovercycle/Skycycles/Rocket Bikes
55% Lore: Demons/Monsters
50% Lore: Faerie
50% Lore: D-Bees
50% Lore: Magic (General)
35% Lore: Magic (Recognize Enchantment)
40% Lore: Magic (Recognize Runes, etc.)
50% Lore: Psychic
Hand to Hand: Magic

OCC Related Skills
49% Intelligence
60% Radio: Basic
55% Archaeology
55% Astronomy
60% Leatherworking
67% Pilot: Robots & Power Armor
RPA Combat: Elite UWW Warlock Combat Armor
WP: Energy Rifles
WP: Swords
WP: Rifles

Secondary Skills
45% Horsemanship: Exotic Animals Riding/Care
35% Horsemanship: Exotic Animals Tricks
40% Preserve Food
44% History: Pre-Rifts General
36% History: Pre-Rifts Specific
35% Track Animals
45% Skin & Prepare Animal Hides
50% History: Post-Apocalypse General
45% History: Post-Apocalypse Specific


Bardou Lyall was born in Tolkeen in 87 PA to father Honiahaka Lyall and Accalia Connery Lyall. Bardou also has an older brother, Radolf, who was 7 when he was born. Both of his parents worked in the government in regulation of dangerous magic’s and magical items or Techno-Wizard items and artifacts. They were really good at their jobs and it was while they were doing this that they learned that instead of being destroyed, dismantled, or otherwise rendered incapable for future use, they were being stockpiled in secret.

They brought their findings to their superiors who promised to look into the matter but shortly after that, they also learned that a group of pro-war politicians had gained the ear of the king and subtly urging him towards war with the Coalition States.It was then that Honiahaka and Accalia knew they couldn’t idly stand by watching their city march towards a war they felt it couldn’t win, so in the summer 100 PA with heavy heart they moved to Lazlo. By this time, Bardou was 13 and had a younger brother, Eyolf, who was 9, and a younger sister, Ingolf, who was 6. Bardou was unhappy about the move because he didn’t want leave his friends and he was old enough to make his own way in the world, but still he moved with the family at his father’s insistence. Once they had settled into their new lives in Lazlo, Honiahaka used his influence and got Bardou an apprenticeship with an Elven Ley Line Walker he’d known for several years.

Bardou’s master, Zindan, worked for Lazlo collecting intelligence on enemy movements and spent most of his time out looking into movements no one knew anything about except those of the council and the guild masters. Since the war started there were many new comers that came for shelter and a new life in Lazlo but not all were who they said they were and Zindan was good at figuring out who was who. While he was in the field and Zindan taught Bardou what signs to look for when investigating a suspect and how to not get spotted. Bardou also shared in Zindan’s love for archeology and the glimpses it gave them into human history Zindan loved history of any culture but human history seemed to fascinate him the most. Zindan also taught Bardou how to use the stars to figure out distances, seasons, as well as other things. Honiahaka taught Bardou how to live off the land, how to track and trap animals, how to skin and prepare their hides once he had them trapped, and how to work their hides after they were cured. Radolf Bardou older brother taught him how to ride beasts large enough to accommodate the Wolfen’s larger frame as well as some of the finer aspects of how to fight. while his Hand to hand was coming along well, you could hardly call Bardou an expert so Zindan began to teach Bardou how to fight Magic style which went along well with what Bardou’s master was teaching him. Magic came easy to Bardou but with Zindan’s leading and guidance Bardou’s craftsmanship with magic was accelerating with amazing results.

A couple months before the fall of Tolkeen, Zindan felt that Bardou was finally ready to leave him as an apprentice. The two had spoke about this time often and Zindan had an idea he thought might help. Bardou felt that he wanted to prove himself and had decided to make his way to Merctown to start a new life of adventure and to continue his pursuit of magic. Zindan gave Bardou some friendly advice about Merctown. “Merctown is the best place for you to find work and to begin to find yourself and your place in this world. There are many opportunities that come from that town. Merctown however is a large town, I know Lazlo is greater and bigger than a town such as Merctown but it is larger than most and while mostly civilized it can get wild.” Zindan pauses for a moment smiling as if remembering something and then looks at you and continues. “You have seen some of the mercenaries that have come to Lazlo, But I tell my friend there are those companies that make wild stalkers seem noble. Be always on guard in that place. That said there are many wonderful things that can be found in Merctown one of them is the Mystic Collegiate. The Collegiate is a place in Merctown where many a pursuer of the mystic arts both mystical and mental go to fine tune their studies and work alongside some of the finest minds in the area outside of Lazlo. Gordom the Grimm is an old friend of mine and I would like you to go see him first thing when enter Merctown. Now, don’t let the name Fool you, he can be a little dour at times but is actually quite a joy to be around, for a Titan. His knowledge of magic, especially in magic items is astounding and he is always looking for good workers he can trust. I know for a fact that he will like you my young friend. Gordom is looking for help, the kind of help that comes from one such as yourself. He is not looking for an apprentice, oh no, he plenty of those with the students who go there. No he is looking for another mage to help him out with his work. He has several who work closely with him but I hear he is looking this time for someone else. A mage he can trust to get things done and able to work on his own in difficult circumstances. He has some notion he is toying with and needs a strong able mage who isn’t afraid to get his hands dirty. I know of no one more qualified. I suggest you see him first. I know for a fact that he pays well and is fair in all his under takings. I also know for a fact that he will be quiet anxious to meet you. I have taken the liberty to send a mystic pigeon ahead of you so he will be expecting to at least hear from you. Whether you take the job or not, that is your choice you have earned that, you are one of my finest students and you will be missed. Go Now I have booked you on a transport that just so happens to be heading to Merctown. You will need to be ready though it leaves early. ”

Bardou Lyall

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