The Uncanny Calvary

A Light in the Darkness
An Uncanny Calvary Campaign

The game picked up where it left off four weekends ago when the GM’s computer had unexpected problems while we were in combat. The three remaining Alien Intelligence fragments put a serious hurting on the group, nearly killing a couple of us as various points in the combat session. The Sword of Talyn proves to be VERY effective at hurting them while the rest of the party discover that these beings are resistant to all energy attacks except fire which does double damage to them and physical attacks do normal damage to them.

After the final “Hopper” (as we and the GM were referring to them as) was destroyed when it slipped on a patch of ice Bardou had placed under it’s feet with a spell, then proceeded to fillet it up, the group found out that there were maps and journals near what used to be a mirror after it was destroyed when an enemy only known as The Dark Lord had stepped through it (this had happened in the previous game session that all of the players attended four weeks ago). The group collected the maps and journals for later review and found out from Grim that there were more prisoners in the pit in the cave.

Bardou went down to check out the bottom of the pit and found that there was another pit in the floor of the pit which had a 10’ diameter hole covered by a grate and ringed by 12 cages set in the ground, one of which was sealed with a stone door protected by a ward of Darkness. He detected that the stone door was protected by a ward which he then removed with his sword. There were 7 prisoners in the other 11 cages, which Bardou had released them, used his psionic powers to diagnosis all of them to see if any of them were in critical condition (which none of them were), then bring them to the top of the pit where they were further stabilized.

Mike had Bardou escort the refugees out to where Grim was while Sirius and Jack flew back down to the bottom of the pit to find out was was in the last cage with the stone door. There was what appeared to be a young male with platinum blonde hair that had very serious open wounds and was bound to the wall by means of enchanted silver chains. Sirius attempted to heal the wounds while Jack used psychic powers to determine the boy’s emotions and discovered that the chains prevented the boy to receive any healing and cause him massive agony. Everyone decided to wait until Bardou could come back to inspect the chains.

Upon closer inspection, Bardou discovered that the silver chains were designed to sap the creature bound by them of it’s energy and prevent any healing done to it (among other things, ask Joe). Jack was able to pick the locks on the chains and Bardou caught the boy as he fell forward. They could tell that the boy’s wounds were already starting to heal, and then they found out that his recovery rate was even better if he was exposed to true sunlight (this was because a Globe of Daylight spell was cast to see in the cage once it was opened).

All of the refugees were led back to Ella where they were treated, and Mike had asked the local doctor to keep them informed when the boy came to. After that, they spent the next couple of days letting armors regenerate from damage taken (or fixed if needed) before they went to MercTown escorting one of the refugees who was on his way to the Collegiate Arcane in MercTowns. While Bardou was learning spells as well as speaking with the Archmagister about a specific spell, Mike and the rest of the group had gone into town to pick up some special parts for a special project and then order the rest.

A few days goes by as the group takes time to look over the maps and journals left behind and find that the maps are for the areas of the Territory of the New Washington Republic and some surrounding areas, and the journals contain detailed notes on many people and places in the area, including the Uncanny Calvary. Shortly after that, the group is discussing the unsettling implications of the journals when they are informed that the boy is finally awake. The boys name is Jake and he can’t remember much more than that. But he was able to remember the name of a Necromancer that “The Dark Lord” frequently used, Meriadoc.

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The Journals of the Dark Lord

Journals of the Dark Lord

Lord Q has promoted me!
It is however to Artegon’s Region! He was a Loyal Brother at arms, He will be sorely missed.
Ha! Who am I kidding, Artegon Was a Tribute to His Forces, A being who saw all life as precious and worth protecting and saving, Blah! His time in that region was way too long!. The only regret I have is that we lost several other potential recruits to our cause. And his region is not in the most desirable of places. It sits between the most risky of places, on the proverbial fence as it were.
Well, I will make due! My first Squad! This is a huge Honor and my own Region. I will not let Q down, I cannot let him down!
Artegon’s Region is a small valley between the lands of Magic to the east, the Human ruled lands of the CS to the west and the Mercenary town Merctown to the South.
This has been a difficult region to protect for Artegon keeping his forces Busy with how large and spread out it is. Despite it being 50 miles from Merctown, it holds one of the main Trails to the Mercenary Town and as such is regularly patrolled by its defense forces and the communities herein enjoy their protection despite its distance.
This valley has many disturbances due to the Nexus to the north and the Close proximity of the CS to the west which is a constant thorn and of course there is the lovely Federation of Magic to the east. Yes, they are by far the most promising of territories with their diverse feelings and the hardships of the land. Merctown however will pose a problem, the colligate is too much like Lazlo and There is something about the Arch-Mage Cearcy that makes me think we should watch him more closely, there is something familiar about him and not in a good way.
Of course my first orders are simple find and eliminate the mage who took out Artegon and half his squad! Q wants this bastard found at all cost, I am new here and if I act too hastily those who are not part of the core will find out what is going on. Artegon had stumbled on to our secret and had to be taken care of. It was only blind luck that this Dam mage found him first if I could find him before Q however, maybe , perhaps a deal could be struck but if not, oh well, Humans are a dime a dozen, one less will not matter!
To lose half the squad to him though speaks volumes and if He can be persuaded perhaps to join me, well, His power would only be an addition to my own. We will have to see, Replacements are being sent as I write this I will need to work carefully. Replacements mean new recruits from the brotherhood and that means those who could jeopardize everything. Should our brothers and sister find out what has been going on we may not be able to hold them back.
• Q has given me an extra Hunter and two Guardians to replace the five fully trained and experienced warriors that were killed! How am I supposed to work with a shortage of two highly trained and skilled warriors like that!
o Q wants me to personally train The Fledgling recruit, ME! Why, how did I anger Q so to have him do this to me! To teach this inexperienced twit will cause me no amounts of distress and slow me down and I can say right now he is trouble! I do not like him. His name is Jakiel-Xyr and the youth constantly tries to impress me daily with his skills and prowess and it is everything I can do not to slap him silly! Although I must admit he is good, one of the best I have seen, His senses are extraordinary and Q says He is special somehow and I see it. The Boy has Power all to his own and at such a young age, surely I was not as gifted as he when I was at his age but I find the youth disturbing. He questions everything I say and often does things his way getting results faster and more efficient. He gets the job done but His ways are too closely linked to Artegon’s, His manners, and his value towards all life will do doubt be trouble. I don’t like this, this seems like something that could jeopardize everything and the youth is driving me absolutely crazy. I have to send him off on long missions into the wilderness just keep my sanity! Q tells me to be Patient that if properly handled will make a great addition to our cause, I must disagree, I cannot see this youth turning from the path he is on and that will no doubt bring us trouble
o The Guardians like the fledgling and so do the others of the squad, His prowess grows with each passing day. They have all nicknamed him “The Hunter” Hell, Yesterday alone the youth intercepted a scouting team of Alu near the Coalition Border. He single handedly dispatched all four. He has also befriended the Mountain Man Jake and has been learning the area from him. This will prove disastrous as I have targeted Jake for Elimination. He senses something is amiss in the region and has been traveling more and more to find out what is going on.
• I have summoned forth my minions straight away to begin our Mission Forthwith, we cannot fail. Q is Patient, too patient and I need replacements for the two missing warriors. Replacements I can trust. We have been here for so long and our power grows with each new Area I can feel the power flow through my veins. Surely there is nothing to fear from any who would defy us. Q says Patience however is better, therefore no rushing through this, take it step by step so no one suspects what we are doing. Should Brotherhood Find out it would mean the end to everything we have worked for and have been planning.
o Nytasian My Human Daughter and Zynthalien My Human son have finally arrived to aid me here in this region, Together I know we shall succeed where others have failed. They will go out into the region as Refugees from the war zone, there are so many coming and going who will notice. They will begin to see who we are up against, what they believe and begin to turn them to our cause. Luckily no knows about my children not even Q, Perhaps it is time to Look into my own growth in power.
• I have come across the perfect place to set up my secret Base of operations. My children can use it to their advantage. It is a small deserted Village located just outside the federations grasp but rich in Mystic energy, it is isolated and located in a small valley surround by medium mountains and a thick dark forest.
o Vampires! Filthy Vermin. They are why this Village is deserted and in ruin. One day death will have his victory over these vile beings, however perhaps I can turn this to my advantage. This is a good time to find Merrodach.
o The Vampires now serve me and my children! Their Master had to be dispatched and by calling in a favor I have dealt with their Intelligence! It is still alive but the poor thing will not be in any condition to do much of anything for a while to come!
• I have summoned Merrodach A Necromancer who worships the ground I walk on- Literally! he will keep the vampires in line and perhaps make a good spy out in the Zone. He finds this area intriguing and keeps going on about a darkness he can feel. He wants to investigate and so long as it does not jeopardize our mission he can do whatever he wants.
o I have found Merctown to be very handy, what a nice place, I am really beginning to like this new area and am wondering why Artegon had so much trouble, with just a little payment here, or there I suddenly have help keeping things in check without anyone becoming the wiser. An entire town of Mercenaries from different works of life and species. Remarkable. Not as remarkable as say Phase World or Splynn but it is a nice quaint little town and formidable for the area it is in. I have even found a Nauruni Company working in the town as well, Ahh well no one’s perfect!
• My children have begun to send back news of the surrounding areas and they are making friends they tell me. Good, that will help with future plans. I sense a kindred spirit in the area but I cannot tell from where it comes. Perhaps I will send Merrodach out in search of it. It is not a constant thing but it is familiar somehow.
• The Vampires have caught several travelers from the forest on their way to Merctown. Do these filth know no hunting tactics! To hunt this close to their home- Arrggg! I will have Merrodach talk with them. Meanwhile Merrodach tells me of a community to the south called Ravens Crest, it is a small community of Mages he has infiltrated and has begun to make nice with. He is so good at this it is sometimes frightening, it was a good thing I spared his life all those years ago. I believe I can make use of some of the mages there perhaps I too will pay them a visit.
 My Son has discovered another Town Called Ella located to the west some 50 or so miles. It is a small town, a village really but it is united together by four strong ruling families. They are a sturdy lot and more importantly there is a family among them that are twins to several of my servants in in the dark Dimension. I think it is time to do some swapping and see what I can find out.
 Success! Through My doppelganger in Ella I have learned of several other communities in the area. One in particular is Hawk Ridge which is an Ally of Ella and has their own Trading post and Silver mine, cha-ching! Also there is a small fishing village located north of Ella and A rather powerful Nexus Just over 100 miles from Koake. It has a connection to the Ley line not far from here. This will do very nicely. The one problem is that the nexus is closely watched by The Mountain man Jake and the mountain has even been named by the locals as Jakes Mountain. This is becoming a problem, when I take out Jakiel I will need to take Jake out as well.
• There are also 3 other Nexus points to the east of me but not nearly as powerful as the one north of Ella.
• Ella Intrigues Me – and I see it intrigued Artegon as well. There notes in his journals about walking among them and admiring their spirit and their efficiency. There are several signs he acted to save the town from attacks of a supernatural nature- hmmm, wonder where they came from. I will have to look into that, might prove useful. They are a mixed group and one of the families is rather power hungry. They have a dark secret they hide from the others. Perhaps I can use this to our advantage.
• My Daughter has discovered Dwarves to the north in the Iron Mountains. She found them out hunting boar. They are a tough group and she thinks there may be more, perhaps even a town. She will try to find where it is.
o Dwarves could mean trouble depending on what clan or type they may be. I have told her to keep me appraised.
• I have been able to infiltrate the Merctown Defense corp. This will help me keep tabs on things here and the surrounding area of Merctown. The last thing I need is the local law snooping around and it is always good to know what the Local power house knows.
• Ella was Attacked!
o That Psychotic Mage who took out Artegon harvested the souls of over 50 towns’ people and kidnapped 50 more and took them to the Nexus to feed them to his vile master! That I cannot allow! It could ruin everything, something like that could send agents of the brotherhood to investigate. That is after all what I am supposed to be here for! I must think of something fast.
o Where’s that dam Hunter and his Friend the Mountain is man, should they have known about this!
 Luckily my son was away in Merctown when the incident occurred but several of my doppelgangers are dead and more are missing.
 I thinking perhaps more than doppelgangers will be needed for my work but I must be very careful in what I do.
o My contacts at Merctown says the Defenders are on the investigation and a new development has risen. A group of mercs from the town has arrived to investigate the incident. Hmmm interesting.
 I don’t believe they did it! Not only did the mercs rescued the town’s people but they shut down the Nexus and took out A Gallu Demon and his Demonic squad before they could summon more to the area.
 Unfortunately Q wants to know why this happened in the first place a how could a Gallu be operating in my area without my knowledge. Q also wants me to keep an eye on the mercs who could become a problem to our cause.
 The Mercs Have proclaimed themselves the temporary defenders of Ella and their leader a CS Borg Has claimed the title of Sheriff. I am not sure if like this or not but too much activity to the east is taking my attention there. For now I have told my son to keep an eye on things and keep me appraised of the situation.
• Jakiel has come to the aid of Lunar Lake a small community located to the south. Seems they ran a foul a necromancer with a plan to raise an army against them. Turns out he didn’t realize they were a pack of werewolves. They are indebted to Jakiel for his help, the necromancer and his army are no longer a problem in that area.
• My son has found a small Mercenary unit located not too far from Merctown called the hostellers. They are a small unit training and doing small jobs of escort like service. Just under 12 soldiers of various race.
• My son has stumbled upon an enchanted forest to the south and east of Merctown just out of their patrol range he believes they are Fae but due to the nature of the forest is hesitant to enter. He has a long standing hatred of them and the feeling I have heard is mutual.
• Jakiel and the guardian Ariel came to the aid of Margery whose homestead is an inn for travelers coming in from the north along the main trail. Her place was attacked by a group of Brodkill who were unaware of her popularity. They were hunted down by Jake and Ariel and several travelers who happened to be there at the time.
o Jakiel has reported seeing demons to the east near the Iron Mountains, in one incident he and several dwarves killed a mixed party of demons lead by a mage wearing old Tolkeen colors. I wonder what they doing here so far east.
o Jakiel reports about a homestead called Sam’s cattle ranch where he raises various steer and even a few fury beetles. Sam has several D-bees in employ and is said to have some connection to the Cartier’s ranch north of Lazlo.
o Jakiel put an end to the life of several dark mages He says were in league with that bastard that killed Artegon. He says he may be getting closer to the mage himself. Interesting, Very Interesting.
o Jakeil saved the life of a Gray Seer from a band of Highwayman! I have warned him to stay clear of such things but the boy never listens. The Seer says he is from a Monastery located just beyond the hawk ridge mountain but no one has reported such a place to me as of yet. These seers could prove useful.
o Jakiel While hunting a band of rogue demons in the northern mountains has come across a small community of Psychic warriors led by a Cyber-Knight named Sir Reginald. The community is called Psyloc after some legendary hero from the past. He says they are becoming a common sight in the northern areas and have also begun to give aid to communities in our area. HE has learned that they were ally’s with Artegon and has suggested I speak with them and that our alliance could be of great help. I swear this young Hunter will be the death of me! The last thing I need are a bunch of psychic warriors about to disrupt everything I am doing here. However I can’t help but wonder if they were the reason Artegon became suspicious of our little group. I will have to investigate further.
• The Riverside village was attacked and the villagers taken captive but that dam Mage again! I can’t seem to catch a break around here! The Hunter is away investigating another Gallu Attack in the northern part of the region beyond Hawk Ridge. And there is demon activity to the east as well keeping my guardians busy. I sent word to my son perhaps he can intercept.
o The Mercs did it again with the help of the Merctown Defense Force. They saved the village but not before the village lost half its populace. They took the survivors back to Ella. Plans are to help rebuild one town at a time.
o The Mercs are now calling themselves the Uncanny Calvary, they are an interesting group I will give them that and very imaginative. According to my son they have a CS Borg, a Line walker, a battle mage who is a beat rider, an Atlantian (he could become a problem to my vampires) a Psi-hound (another potential problem). These mercs are just what I need for the time being but I am definitely going to have to watch them.
• The Hunter Jakiel has outlived his usefulness.
o He discovered several of my doppelgangers I had hidden to the north and killed them all. He gathered help from two Psyloc warriors, the guardian Ariel who I have no idea why was with him and that blasted Mountain man. Unfortunately one of the doppelgangers talked about how they belonged to me and my connection to the dark plane. I have no choice but to take them all out.
o The Psyloc warriors are dead Ariel and Jakiel I have imprisoned in different areas, I dare not kill them for that could be devastating to our cause and most certainly draw attention. However that fool human escaped! How much does he know about us? It is time to hunt that fool man down, how hard can that possibly be!
• Hawk Ridge was taken over by the fool Mage! Of all the cursed timing for this to happen. Why am I surrounded by idiots! Q wants to know why this fool has not been captured yet. He wants to know if Jakiel Has learned anything more about him. Now with this latest turn of advents Q wants the hunter to lead the guardians there, I don’t dare tell him that I have both on lock down! If he learns they know of our secret he will have my head for sure! For what possible purpose can that fool mage have I cannot even fathom. He took the town, the post and made a mockery of the Mercenaries I had hired to protect it.
o The Calvary have saved my hide once again! They took out the mage and his men and have re-opened the mines and are rebuilding the post and Hawk ridge. Perhaps I should put these boys on my payroll instead of the fools I have surrounding me!
o Perhaps they can figure out what was so important to that mage to draw so much attention to himself. I will have to make some inquires.
• Dwarves to the north with help from several Psyloc warriors have put down my hounds hiding in the area, I do not have time for this!
• The Calvary has taken out several of my cults and destroyed my portals to the east along the three nexus points there and killed the hound guards I had there. And they had so much potential. Now I will have to somehow find a way to put them down. This will not be easy.
• The Uncanny Calvary Has dubbed this entire area NEW WASHIGTON and under their protection! Does this nightmare ever end!

Eyes in the Shadows
The Silver Sword
Our Heroes and their new Fledgling Territory have found themselves in a state of Growth and Popularity. Refugees from Tolkeen have arrived in great numbers lead by Mercenaries on their way to Merctown and various knights or heroes from the West. The Refugees finding the new territory to have great promise and new beginnings settle down to stay while a few others proceed to Merctown with hopes of moving further south.

Ella is growing by leaps in bounds having been near death when The Uncanny Calvary first came to its rescue it is now a thriving and Growing Town with a population of 650 people and growing. with that said all of the communities have had an increase in Population, Hawk Ridge has grown as well as Riverside which was considered almost a total lost. Hawk Ridge in fact has put the trading post up for sale hoping to once again bring in and sell trade the communities at large make.
Yes, Life has begun to find a way to grow and refurbish what was lost in the River valley,
It is a nice change for once to see things peaceful and it is an exciting time in the new territory.
Bardou having finished deciphering the discovered journals of the the enemy debriefs Mike on what he found with the most interesting of details being a Being of power mentioned as Jakiel-Xyr a guardian who helped to keep Ella and the surrounding Community safe from supernatural predators. a being who was manipulated by the very leaders he believed were doing the same thing he was.
Could this be Jake?
if it is, it is more than obvious the young man discovered something that caused him to question his superiors and to the extent that they stooped to such diabolical tortcher and it mentions another guardian as well that was captured.
Who are these beings who are being deceived and manipulated by those they believe are their leaders and more importantly,
Who is Q.
How big does his Province span and why has none of the Calvary Heard anything about these rulers. Grimm thinks by asking around in a not so obvious manner he may be able to find some answers. it is obvious to him that the mountain man Jake knew this boy, and thinking back to his time spent with the Wilderness man he thinks he mentioned the name once or twice casually but not in depth, surely others may know more.
These are Questions that still need to be answered for certain. Perhaps the Disappearance of Jake and the Arrival of the Galu have something in common with this Jakiel-Xyr and his disappearance.
The journals however, also shed light on other communities within the borders of the newly forming Territory, mention of Psychic warriors, Enchanted Forests and even Dwarves in the north east mountains not to mention a pack of Werewolves even. Lion, tigers and bears oh my! Are they potential allies or will they pose a problem? again more good questions.
Mike is called into a meeting with Lady Ella herself one of the four original founding Families of Ella and sole Surviving family. She has been the driving force of Strength and persistence during this time of trouble and tribulation, doing everything she can to keep the town and the surrounding communities together and confidant they they would pull through this. She is currently the acting Mayor but wants to hold an election to be sure she is wanted as mayor and is offering any who wish to run for the town position who may want it.
She also wants The sheriffs Position to also be an elected office and separate entity so it is run by the people for the people and not at the whim of the mayor to keep justice fair.
Lady Ella tells Mike that The people want to make him Governor of New Washington but as she well knows Mike is humble and wishes to make this an election and choice as well and with the building of the Territory perhaps a council made up of representatives of those towns would prove useful in uniting the area. Mike likes the idea and so it will be.
The first election of the new Washington Territory will come order.
Several people put their hat into the ring so to speak for mayor. Ben Stanton (rescued by the Calvary) has said he has an interest and another survivor of one of the perished four families has returned to Ella to run for the mayors seat as well, David Reiner a line walker who was trained in Lazlo has returned to take his place as the family head.
the election is a calm, friendly race with each participant having viable issues.
Mike Chooses Grim to run for Sheriff of Ella and so far he runs unopposed – seems everyone likes what the Calvary has done with the place.
a few nights later as Mike is shining his Chassis when Grimm calls –
There has been a Murder.
When Mike arrives at the house he finds it the residence of Ben Stanton who is in bed with a silver sword sticking out of his chest – It would seem that Mud slinging is done with Swords now a days!?
Bardou is called to interpret the writing on the swords Hilt and finds it is an ancient dialect of arcane Latin with the name Sandra McAlister. Mike calls in Doc. Thompson and also finds a Severed hand at the scene.
Investigating Sandra finds her residence actually down the street from Stanton’s and it is also open and Sandra is found Unconscious in her meditation room with a severed hand. she however is alive. Doc rushes her to the Clinic while the group continues their investigation.
While this is going on Athena immediately upon getting to Stanton’s house picks up a scent and takes off after it so fast jack is bounced around like a Saturday morning cartoon character. the scent takes Athena out of town and she says it is a human scent mixed with something else.
the scent takes her five minutes into the woods and off the main trail that goes to Merctown to a Very familiar and often passed three story tower in various stages of ruin . While sniffing around here Athena is attacker by a guardian Gargoyle who dose no more than to serve Jack as target practice.
the team converges on the tower but the gargoyle showing great intelligence retreats to live on. The team just about obliterates the tower sending it crashing to the ground by the team but a basement is found by Bardou despite their best efforts. Descending into the depths finds yet another body length mirror several tables and a desk with a map. Bardou looks at the map which has a big red circle and slash around the wolves community.
the team decides its time to talk to the three visitors from the past to see if they know anything that can help them with their findings and Mike blasts the Mirror into tiny bits of glass just as Bardou objects.
No Mirrors – that might just be my new campaign slogan! .
The visitors do in fact know somethings that could prove helpful.
The mirrors are a sort of Doorway that pierces the veil to the Lands of eternal night – The Night Lands.The Mirror is like a gate that allows them passage in and out. it seems the mirrors are the only way in or out of the Night Lands. they know the Night Lands are a mirror image of our world, almost exactly, except it is always Night there.
(they have not really traveled there in great length to have exact details just from what they saw) . On the earth time they come from, there are beings called Guardians, no they are not human but beings of light, truth and hope. they bodies feed off of the sun and are very powerful in the fight against the Dark, the undead and the demonic in general needles to say they are extremely deadly to vampires!
Guardians appear as teenagers or young men that can look human but whose bodies are pure light! there are rumors of Guardians who have great feathered wings and are hunters of evil who look almost angelic, they are not to be confused with the hunters of the night lands who are evil and reptilian in appearance and nature. the three are not sure if guardians can become evil, they have never encountered any but it is possible they suppose if Angels can fall then so can Guardians.
Grimm gets a call that Sandra is awake and informs Mike and the team heads to the Clinic. Questioning Sandra finds her Innocent of any wrong doing. Sandra is a Mystic and says she was in her Meditation Room where also incidentally is where she keeps her Sword on the wall next to a small workout mat. She was meditating when she was attacked by a strong powerful man who overwhelmed her and knocked her out. when she woke up she was at the Clinic. Dock said he was keeping her for a few days due to several broken bones that had been mended but he wants to reattach the hand and he will be doing that tonight, and then she will no doubt need some rehabilitating with it afterwords. While the team was there, Jake was awake and doing well, so well in fact that he was being released the next morning. he wants out of the room and to help in anyway he can. so mike starts his training with the militia and despite Doc objections finds the boy a quick learner and very strong and capable of keeping up with Grimm which surprises everyone but Grimm who can sense the supernatural power within him.
Grimm takes it as his responsibility to train the young lad and get him back into fighting shape and mike is seeing great possibilities for the young man.
The group makes plans to go to Psyloc and Jake excitedly asks to come along wanting to do something – the boy is a tad bit stir crazy and seeks action versus just sitting around. Mike and the team agree and so they are off to Psyloc where they meet several interesting people all of whom know Jake and are excited to see him.
He is greeted well and excitedly having been missing for two months.
it would seem the whole village knows him in one way or another, all of it Jake takes in Studiously listening to everything hoping something will jog his memory.
Psyloc is run by Sir Reginald a Well known Cyber-knight to areas near and far and is even regarded as a friend of the Coalition States even if does associate with undesirables. His honor is legendary and he shows his hospitality to the team. Sir Reginald is assisted by Kern a Paladin with the crest of a Fiery Phoenix on his robes his size of fifteen feet in height and four large powerful looking arms gives the being away as a Rahu-man.
Both Sir Reginald and are glad to see Jake but are both sad to see his condition. in fact the scars on the young man anger Sir Reginald and Kern both who talk very highly of the Lad, Sadly mike discovers why while talking with Sir Reginald that Jake is missing his most beautiful and majestic feature – his wings (cut off by his captors and finally answering the mystery to the large scars on Jake’s back).
Jake takes this in stride as most of his back has healed due to his increased time in the sun but there are no signs save two small bumps on his back. obviously it will take time to grow them back but Jake is Patient and optimistic.
intrigued by the big man Bardou strikes up a conversation with Kern where he wishes to spar with the big man. Kern Smiles at this but has to decline due to the closeness of his Patrol duties. Sir Reginald throws a feast for the Calvary whom he says he has heard of and their defense of Ella and is after talking to mike intrigued by his New Washington Territory and wants to know more. during the conversation the wolves are brought up by mike as he searches for information on them. Sir Reginald talks about them as being a strong Wolf and large Wolf Pack and yes they are Werewolves but the refrain from eating humanoids and keep to the animals but taking only what they need to survive. they live to the south just shy of a portion of the enchanted forest. Sir Reginald mentions that to the east of them just within the boundaries of the enchanted forest is a Community of diverse people being human, alien and some even elemental in nature. they call their community the Brotherhood of the Magi and as the name suggests they are a community of Magic users and other gifted people. Mike finds awesome and frightening all at once and instantly changes his mind thinking it would be a wiser move to talk with the Brotherhood first before the Werewolves. Sir Reginald volunteers to go with as he knows the community and it might make introductions smoother. they tend to be a secretive bunch but open to those they know and we have a PSi-warrior here who is considered a member of thier society. HE believes the brotherhood calls them Wardens.
so now the group is on their way to the Brotherhood of the MAGI. what exciting fate awaits our young Heores.
Tune in next time for another exciting episode of –
The Uncanny Calvary.


The Celebration and feast in your Honor was exciting as sat and listened of one of Sir Reginald’s many stories of his travels in the west. You discover that Psyloc is a community of warriors who originally were the protectors of over a thousand Tolkeen Refugees who made the long and arduous trip through the old Canadian Wilderness and to settle here on the other side of the CS. Some stayed in Lazlo and new Lazlo while others dispersed to other communities like Magestar and several small communities like Ella and of course Merctown. Psyloc was their traveling name and while passing through this area with the final group of refugees this small hamlet (which at the time was only around 12 families who started farms here) was in dire need of help from outlaws who continuously plagued the area. After defeating the Outlaws they discovered several other communities in the Norther Mountains and to the east which could also due with their help. The group settled here and the thankful community named the small area Psyloc after their rescuers. Sir Reginald is the unofficial leader of Psyloc, he tries to delegate authority to the original families but they like it better when he does all the thinking and they do what they are good at- farming and raising cattle. Despite the constant outlaw problem the area has done well under Sir Reginald’s guidance and he does his best to keep things going in that direction. As of late things have been relatively quiet so Sir Reginald and his group (which actually number around 30 or so) has been taking advantage of the peacefulness to train a local militia and teach the surrounding communities to better defend themselves giving training to all who wish to learn even if its basic training, it is better than having no training. This is actually much like what the Calvary has done with Ella and her surrounding communities. With your uniting together Sir Reginald can only see good things coming and a strength this area has not seen in a long time.

With the celebration finished and after a short rest to digest the all that good food, the Calvary prepares to leave for Ravens Crest and the Brotherhood of the Magi Sir Reginald and Kern Mount up to escort you with sir Reginald Riding a large Tan colored Horse and Kern riding atop a Fury beetle.

“Sir Reginald” calls a young man and Sir Reginald Turns atop his steed to look at the approaching Lad.
A young squire rides up towards your group from the main the gate and talks briefly with the Knight. Sir Reginald looks concerned for a moment over news of trouble concerning a neighboring community in the northern hills and some outlaws. He sends his squire off to assemble a few of the warriors and turns to Kern.
“Kern, be a good man and see to it that our new friends here get to Ravens Crest. Help them in any way they need. I will join you shortly.”
“As you wish Sir Reginald” replies the Giant with a curious look on his face.
“I am sorry my friends but it looks like I will need to catch up. There is trouble with some outlaws in the northern communities but this shouldn’t take long. Kern here is very familiar with the way and the people in Ravens Crest. He will escort you and make sure you meet the right people. I will meet you in Ravens Crest as soon as I can.” Explains Sir Reginald
“Is there anything we can help with?” asks Bardou but Sir Reginald smiles and thanks you for your kindness and concern but tis nothing but the usual trouble in that area. He will meet you in Ravens Crest, with that the Cyber-knight rides off towards a now gathering of a small group of well-armed warriors and they head out of the gate riding north.

Kern looks briefly northward after the shrinking images of the warriors but then turns and smiles at Bardou and suggest that they be off with Kern taking lead. The trip for the most part is uneventful if not slower than what you are used to. You take note that the road is well worn showing that it is well traveled. It is not until the group is almost at their destination when smoke can be seen. A road stretches towards the eastern hills and rising into the sky is a thick plum of dark smoke and the smell of fire is in the air. Bardou in his usual position above the group rises above the trees to get a good look at what may be going on.
Using his armors enhanced systems of the armor he magnifies the vision and sees the remains of what looks to be a caravan several miles away. There are seven Vehicles in total and the center vehicle is a large Salamander that looks like it had been literally ripped in half. All the vehicles are damaged and burning except one Big boss ATV that is on its side. The group decides to go and investigate thinking maybe they could help somehow.
Reaching the caravan Bardou begins a sweep of the area searching for life and finds the signatures of five survivors out of seven bodies. Sirius does a sweep of the outer area as does Jack and Athena while Jake, Grimm, and Kern tend to the fires to make sure they don’t become a bigger problem. Bardou asses the survivors and begins to treat those who are need of help more than the others. All of the survivors are unconscious but alive, some have blast marks from energy blasts of some sort. Several have broken bones and fragmentation wounds one has several stab wounds and is bleeding badly. All of which tells Bardou that this attack was recent, like within the last hour or two. Knowing he will need some help Bardou gives a shout out to Doc Thomson in Ella and has him gather his nurses and head out here he also has him find Little mike so he can look over the area and see what is salvageable.
“Mike, Mike, Mike everyone calls for mike – Mike needs a raise Dammit!”

Sirius while searching the outer area just off the road feels a chill run up his spine s if he is being watched but see find anyone, he does however find signs of an ambush that was laid out, most likely for the caravan which tells him that whoever attacked them knew they were coming.

Athena and jack checking the outer area on the opposite side finds a familiar scent, the hounds they have encountered before were here.

Doc Thomson arrives in the salamander (dun, dun, dun, dun, dun, da!) driven by little mike and Doc barely lets the Salamander stop before he and his assistants are out and helping the survivors. Bardou then checks out the ripped apart Salamander for clues of what this thing was carrying or a passenger’s manifest or something. After a closer inspection the Salamander indeed looks to have been torn open with help from an extremely sharp instrument of some kind. Large hand-like claw marks can also be seen on some of the edges. The salamander is only one of two vehicles not burning in the convoy. Looking around inside the Salamander Bardou finds a manifest that has the names of 45 passengers, mostly merchants and their helpers but there are also some travelers as well a group of four to be specific that was carrying three boxes that the four asked to keep here in the Salamander for added security. The group found only 7 bodies however, so once again there are missing people and now to add to it missing items because there seems to be no sign of the boxes. The logs give a list of what was being carried which is mostly trade items and food goods from neighboring communities. It also has the description of the three boxes that were stored on the Salamander itself. One was a crate the size of a basketball, another larger crate about was 5 ft x 4ft x 3 ft both made of enchanted wood, the third however was small Black Box about the size of a jewelry box.
The first thought Bardou has about the black box is of course midnight.

Meanwhile Sirius Radios that he found what looks to be a set up for an ambush not too far away from the caravan. Leaving Jake and Grimm to keep looking around the vehicles and help out little mike. Bardou, kern, jack and Athena join Sirius to look around the ambush site he found and while here Bardou gets this weird feeling that the group is being watched.

Sirius nearly falls into a hidden 30’ pit trap complete with spikes and several bodies.

Jack and Athena find a peculiar smell here and then heard a strange sound like rushing wind and turn to see a small baseball sized Black object with bat-like wings a barbed tail and one eye whipping towards him at an amazing speed (Those dam things can just a little over Mach 1)
And nails him with a force blast from its eye. Several others begin to take strafing runs at Jack And Athena As well one tries to petrify him sowing Jack that these Eye things can do more than just shoot force beams and stab with their tail oh yea and let’s not forget their fiery finale.

Happening simultaneously Bardou is blasted from behind by a Plasma blast that comes literally out of nowhere after testing for everything under the sun to find out where it is coming from he barely dodges another blast.

All Sirius sees is a quick red laser line appear and a red dot on Bardou just before the plasma shot forth and nailed him.

Kern is able to take out an Eyeball but gets hit with its fiery death. The big man just shrugs it off irritated.

Sirius while helping Bardou catches a glimpse of a shadow watching from afar and then vanish. Sirius shrugs it off and files it for later. Letting go with a wind rush spell in the direction of one of the laser sights and knocks the thing down with an audible thump but still can’t see anything.
Then suddenly an area begins to pulse with a red glow that is slow at first but then begins to speed up and get brighter. Bardou takes the sword off Talyn and slices off what is the guys arm and takes it up 3 miles and then hurls the thing and dives back to the ground. The thing blows to kingdom come but Bardou manages to land safely.
The Merc is alive and detained, the eyes defeated and Athena gets two scents one moving northeast and one moving south which is the same direction as Ravens Crest.
Getting a bad feeling, the group as a whole prepares to move out, Doc and Mike will take the survivors back to Ella for treatment and mike will bring back some hands to help with this salvage. Bardou rises above the tree line and his radar begins to pick up a major problem three miles off in the distance in the direction of Ravens Crest. He radios the rest and the group and they quickly take off hoping to help with Bardou taking the lead. The suits radar shows several large bogies in a formation going towards another group of red dots and there is ground convergence as well and Bardou radio’s this down to the group.
Concerned about what is being said Kern Radio’s Sir Reginald and tells him what is going on. Sir Reginald tells Kern that the trouble up north was minor and looks to perhaps to have been to draw their attention away from the south. He will be there as soon as he can and with reinforcements – he is not about to let one of their allies go down without a fight.
Bardou has his optics at full sees an Armored Personnel carrier with a flying power armor escort taking on several other armors then as he watches the fight a Dark Blue Form Rises into the sky looming before the carrier as lightning strikes it from several sides. The creature’s scales glistening in the clear bright sun. He mouths the words almost as a whisper and Athena begins to slow down making sure she heard right. 25 ft tall and almost 70 ft long with a wing spread of 120ft, A great horned dragon has joined the scuffle, two armors break off of the smaller targets to directly challenge the Dragon these armors look powerful and meant to tackle foes such as these and the fight looks like it is about to really begin. All of this activity happens in the skies above several warriors fighting around a seemingly innocent looking Inn one might find along any common road. Several mages stand in defense of the Inn as soldiers try to fight their way in.
Will the Calvary live up to its name, can they go toe to toe with seasoned vets, find out next time on another exciting episode of the Uncanny Calvary.

Hungry like a Werewolf

Hungry like a Werewolf!

The Calvary came to Lunar Lake for diplomatic reasons and instead arrived to give aid after a vicious attack made by what looked to be Mercenaries equipped to deal with Lycanthropes. According to reports you have received from Psyloc and the mages the Werewolves are loners, keeping to themselves and interact with people for trade and news but not much else. They patrol the area in and around the enchanted forest and help keep the peace in this area of the region. To put it frankly- who is really going to mess with a pack of Werewolves?
Lunar Lake sits at the head of the enchanted forest a thick dense forest know to be drenched in magic, mystery and Fairies and controlled by those Faeries, more specifically by Elves. Various creatures live in the forest but seldom come out of it except for the elves who job it is to trade and by goods they might need that the forest itself can’t supply. The Werewolves are under the protection of the elves for the work they do.
There will be Hell to pay!
The Village was in shambles and torn apart when the mercenaries found out that Alpha Marcus was with the young wolves for their coming of age ceremony they wasted no time heading into the mountains to the west of the forest. The Calvary went the same way hoping to catch the mercenaries. They found three bogies moving fast towards the mountains on their radar and the group gave chase. Hoping to stop the Calvary’s charge the two of the bogies turned back to intercept and take care of the Calvary. They underestimated the Calvary’s expertise in fighting and the Calvary made short work of them tying the captured prisoners up so they would not escape.
Following the three were simple but the three bogies were no longer moving. They came across the first on a personnel carrier they took by surprise and then headed for the others. Where the group were in for the fight of their lives. Werewolves versus Soldiers, demons, ogres and some sorcerous bitch surrounded by eye balls-

“Great ! More Eyeballs! Why does it always have to be eyeballs?”

The Mercenaries were well prepared and the Werewolves were slowly losing falling to weapons made of silver and magic from a dark Sorceress. Alpha Marcus was easy to find as he was the largest meanest Wolf on the field and barely phased while looking to have several bleeding wound that would fall any man. He was a massive Werewolf standing 12 foot tall with Dark Gray Wolf like humanoid with eyes of fire and parts of his skin missing revealing muscles, bones and tissue that continuously bleed. His teeth and claws were made of steel and hje had a ridge of spike that topeed his head and went down his spine. He held powers no other Werewolf had. to his right was a smaller Werewolf who was a Silver back Wolf with eyes of pure silver and Bone spikes that looked to have ripped through the wolfs skin at the elbows and knees and hurled spells at the Hunters that attacked the Alpha.

The Calvary wasted no time and sounded the charge ripping into the enemy.

Bardou – singled out the sorceress and the eyeballs slowly containing their threat inside an Electrified field and upsetting the bitches casting. Bardou also made himself a pain in the ass of a fire warlock that was igniting the area on fire for some reason while chanting. Unfortunately the Warlock was able to restart the spell he was using and successfully cast it summoning forth a huge Greater Fire Elemental which brought on confused excited yelps of joy from the Calvary and cries of , “Trap him” and “don’t let him get away!”
Bardou then managed to trap the Elemental in frozen animation and now they have their Elemental power source for the Ship.

Governor Mike Stone – made his way to Alpha Marcus as an Earth quake erupted at the Alphas feet killing several mercenaries and destroying the Alpha’s Armor! Mike was able to pull the Alpha out of the crater that formed under the Alpha’s feet and then the two ripped into a hunter that got too close the two making an devastating and effective pair taking out the two hunters attacking them. The their Attention turned to a large and powerful Brodkil making his way through Werewolves like they were nothing but insignificant flies to be swatted to the side.
He was Large, broad and well-Muscled and wore a Black Suit of Samson Power Armor. A Scar was across his left cheek and a black Eye Patch over his right eye. The Demon wielded a massive Silver two-handed blade he held in one hand etched with symbols that glowed black against the silver metal and the bastard took out a Werewolf with one swing and step working his way through, the sword cutting deep and sharp. Marcus wasted no time and raced towards him determined to save his people, Mike racing close behind him. It was a fight but the two killed the bastard but as they did the Demon and his vile sword turned to dust and dispersed across the wind like dust.

Jack and Athena – went after another hunter and Athena clamped down on the Hunters Shoulder while the Hunter returned Athena’s Affection in kind and wrapped his arms tight around Athena’s neck and took off into the air!
“Now I’ve done seen, most everything when I see a Raptor Fly!”
The Hunter attempted to Break Athena’s Neck but Athena Didn’t like the thought of that and with jacks help broke free of the hunter flying through the air and catching everyone’s attention.
“Look Mommy! There’s a Raptor up in the sky.”

Sirius – Took out the mage Responsible for the earthquake as well as several surviving mercenaries one by one till there was nothing left to hit dodging any and all strikes aimed at him with very little effort.

Unfortunately with the battle turning against her the Dark sorceress stepped back through a dark portal and vanished cursing the Calvary’s untimely arrival and swearing their deaths one day soon!

So it was that the new Washington Territory was expanded once again and the day saved by the Uncanny Calvary.

Shifting Shadows
What a great night of gaming despite me not really being prepared, well, I was for something different but I wanted to go a different route and we had an observer with us this weak so I went with it and took went a different direction with a PG heading. It went very well and I am looking forward to next game already. I am especially looking forward to seeing what the dragon Hatchling can do. I have already looked up the Cats eye Dragon and I like it, I have many ideas for this. Really cool!

This should be fun.

Scene One: A victorious Return.__
The Calvary returned to Ella Victorious in their mission. The mission was not without its challenges and it would seem someone does not want you Unifying the area. Despite this however, The wolves, the mages, Psyloc and other communities have joined the territory and you even have a mercenary group who has started to rebuild the old town you found Jake in and make it into a kind of Headquarters for themselves. New Washington is shaping up nicely. In fact Ella has just begun to aggressively build homes for the new influx of refugees as they have run out of the homes that were emptied. Where Ella was once dying and almost dead she is now thriving and expanding her borders to make room for more. There are still communities to contact. There are the dwarves in the northern mountains and the Elves of the enchanted forest and other smaller communities’ but so far so good. Right this moment however the group just wants a little R&R or even just some normal mundane things to do in order to relax for a moment and catch their breath.
As luck would have it however that was not the case with some as Lt. James was in town waiting for the groups return. It has been a while since Lt. James has come to visit and it is actually good to him. His dress however tells he is not here as a Merctown Official wearing a Black and gray Fatigues, knock off CS Armor and a long coat. He is driving a big boss ATV and has grin of his face that says it’s about time.
Greeting the group Lt. James talks about how good everything looks around Ella and then looks to Bardou who he is here to see, he is needs Bardou’s Magical Expertise in an investigation he has come upon. Lt. James and Bardou go have a drink to discuss privately what he exactly needs. When all is said and done Bardou thinking perhaps they might need a little more Combat back up includes Jack in on the conversation. Lt. James would ask for the entire team but he thinks few is better on this particular mission and one that requires a more delicate finesse. Shortly after Bardou Jack and Athena Go with Lt. James but not before Bardou speaks with Mike. If He does not hear from them in three days go to his desk in his lab and there will be appear a letter detailing what they are doing. Hopefully they will be able to figure things out and find them.
With that the three go with Lt. James and head out in the direction of Merctown.
Meanwhile Mike and the rest of the Calvary settle in for some R&R.
Grimm heads for the Sheriff’s Station to debrief the deputies on what has been going on as well as to get a briefing on local affairs in his absence. Jake goes with him as the two have become a good team together one mirroring the other. Watching the two Mike is getting an Idea of just how good Jake is in handling himself as he keeps up and on several occasions gets the upper hand on Grimm.
Mike Decides he wants some leisure time and grabs a ball for nice relaxing game of soccer with the off-duty men. Well, relaxing for mike anyway the off duty men don’t look like they are sure of how relaxing it will be for them.
Little mike takes charge of the scrap metal that used to be Grimm’s Bike – Sorry dude!
Little Mike is also beyond excited to get started with the Fire Elemental in stasis.
Meanwhile Sirius decides to hop on his hover bike and heads off to Merctown in search of a black market book store. All in all it is just a quiet day in Ella.

Scene Two: Never judge a book by its cover.__
Sirius rides into Merctown around noon and finds the Market District busy as usual and the filled with the various aromas of food, people and gun oil! Slowly moving through the market He finds just what he is looking for.
“Ye Old Town Book Shoppe”
The Shoppe Is run by a tall man with a sort of athletic build but a definite bookish look to him. He is dresses in Fatigues pants, a black shirt and a long coat hangs on the hook behind the counter. He has short brown hair wears glasses and is in grossed in an old book that looks like some of the old tomes Bardou studies. The man’s name is Maxwell Veritas or just simply Max who has just about everything one could want in reading material. He is new in town only been open a few months but business has been booming since he opened his doors. He has a large variety of books ranging from pre-rift novels, history books, pre-rifts comic books and many, many more books in all different varieties. In fact he is sure he has something for everyone and if not let him know what you are looking for and he can probably find it for you – for a price.
After a few hours of perusing Sirius walks out of the store smiling and humming softly to himself and enjoying his great luck. In fact he can’t wait to get back and just sit back and read the rest of the day away, heading back to his bike Sirius feels an almost imperceptive jerk on his belt where his money is kept in an inconspicuous pouch to find said pouch gone!
Looking back the way he just came He sees a small hooded head running away from him quickly and he realizes that he has just been robbed.
“HEY, STOP! THIEF, YOU THERE, STOP!” No sooner than when Sirius takes up the chase does a chorus of shouts of the same erupt from several patrons behind him.
The person looks human, is small in size but very agile and quick. The thief ducks down a side alley between two stores and Sirius races cautiously behind the thief thinking he has seen this scenario in one too many old black market movies. The thief turns down another corner and Sirius then hears a muffled groan and a startled girlish scream.
Rounding the corner Sirius sees his hooded thief dangling in the air a huge Hand grasped tightly around her neck. The fist belonging to an angry ogre the thief just ran into and by the looks of it tried to steal something from him too! By the looks of the thief the person is down on their luck wearing tattered clothes that are too big for them with a worn out cloak, hood and moccasins. Despite wanting his pouch back Sirius slows down and put his hand up. Trying to calm the ogre who looks like he about to choke the life of out of her if he doesn’t do something. The ogre tells him to bug off but Sirius after a brief exchange of words offers 5000 credits for the person which gets the ogres attention
“For thisworthless piece of ….? You sure?” in the end the ogre tosses the thief at Sirius revealing a young lady who could be no more than fifteen. Sirius pays the ogre who happily goes on his way but now Sirius has to deal with the rest of the mob behind him. Telling the young lady to give everything back and she may survive this ordeal has merit and wins the day. She puts everything on the ground and then the two of them leave the mob who decides that it is enough to get their stuff back.
The Young lady’s name is Tonya Smirnoff and she like Sirius guessed she is an orphan living on the streets. She has no parents to speak of and has been on the streets her whole life. She recently arrived in Merctown looking to maybe sign on with someone but she has been running into the same spiel she always hears; she is too young, this is no life for a young lady, you’re just a kid blah, blah, blah! She steals so she can live but wants more by the sound of her voice. Sirius feeling sorry for her asks if she would like to make a more honest living.
Cautiously she says yes and Sirius explains he is from Ella and the local militia is always looking for people. It pays reasonably, it won’t make her rich but it shouldn’t take long to get enough to live by. She is young but Ella has a school and in between training she could always attend the school and enhance her mind as it were. Both prospects make Tonya’s day and the two head back to the hover cycle.

Scene Three: Reports.__

Grimm Makes his way in to the Sheriff’s Station and tell the desk clerk to tell Deputy Sylvan to see him in his office in five for a debriefing. The clerk Nods and is immediately on the radio for Taryn Mike and Grimm’s second in command when they are gone. Before the five minutes are up Taryn is in Grimm’s Office de-briefing him on what’s been happening in his absence.

• As you have probably noticed on your way in, construction on new homes has begun due to the influx of refugees. Homes are being built on all sides of Ella and has even begun over at lakeside as well. Hawk dragon has also begun building new homes as well and the mines have a new recruitment going on for miners to help with mining needs and production. Hawk dragon also has a new owner, Frank Travis who is the resident Scholar has decided to move to Hawk Drago and reopen the Trading Post and has partnered up with Clarence and Stan the new owners of the mines. Joining forces should help gather business and boosts profits. Because of this we have had to add additional security to the mines and around the towns so there are new faces to the security force all awaiting your approval pending Mikes Sheriff Stones Approval.
• Ella’s mill has re-opened and is now in full swing to help the demand of supplies for the homes. Which has also in turn given new jobs for the refugees who seem more than capable and willing to help provide for their new homes.
• The Docks have a few new fishing boats just brought up from Merctown as several families coming in are fishers and this will help boost our River trade.
• There have been some minor disturbances due to too much drinking after working hours by the construction crews and some of the sailors so we have increased patrols during the prime hours.
• There have been some weird events transpiring as of late. Wild animals have been breaking into the pens of the livestock and seeking safety in barns or just flat out running scared. Hunting is way down due to the lack of game in the area. No one knows why.
• Travelers coming in from the east are saying there is something creepy in the woods. As if something is watching them or stalking them from the shadows. People are afraid to travel at night due to the outright terror they feel along the trials.
o Several hunters have been reported missing by their loved ones. Deputies found two camp sites that had a team of four or five hunters that were abandoned. One site the campers Food was still hanging burned over a cold camp fire next to a pot of cold coffee. Their tents in good shape with nothing taken it just as if they got up and left. Deputies attempted to follow the tracks but lost them a few miles away from camp.
o Another camp site looked like a small war erupted there with everything torn to shreds. No bodies were found jus the camp in disarray. There was blood found but it didn’t lead anywhere. We found no tracks except what was normal from a group of hunters.
• There have been several break-ins on the east side of town small items of very little value was taken really. But they have happened enough for us to increase our night patrols.
o However, the Stanton House was broken into two days ago and the place torn apart as if someone was looking for something. Seeing no one lives there anymore we are not sure if anything was taken. It did look like there were something missing from his study and his desk but what they could be is anyone’s guess. We left the house as we found it in case you wanted to check it out for yourself.
o We did receive word that from Mr. Stanton’s Son the Magi would be returning to the house and staying there but we are not sure when that will be.
Just as Taryn finishes his debrief with Grimm gets a call from Jake over the radio.
“Mike needs over at the training field, says he has something important for us.”
“Rodger, I’m almost done here. I will meet you there.” Grimm Replies and he thanks Taryn for the catch up as he heads for the door.

Scene Four: Yoric Speaks.__

A Round black and white ball rockets through the air at nearly mock one barely missing a screaming Deputy who dove purposefully out of its way.

The ball soars into the goal rips through the net due to force and speed and continues down the street for another 30 yards or so before landing flat and sliding out of site.
Mike stone Cyborg soccer star stands looking at the deputy shaking his head.
“You’re supposed to keep the ball from entering the goal deputy, not dive away from it!”
Deputy Curtis Watts just stares at the torn hole in the goal net and wonders if a 10 mile run would be safe exercise.
“That’s now 70 for you boss, and 2 for the Deputies” Chuckles Grimm while Jake barely contains his laugh. Especially when the two scored by the deputies were completely by accident. “You know you two can play in stead of sitting there laughing!” Mike stated, staring at Jake and Grimm.
“I would but I was banned the last time we played remember.” Replied Grimm with a Cheshire grin. “Kicking the ball into the goal through the shadows is cheating! Serves you right.” Mike spat back looking now at Jake. “Don’t Look at me, This is far more entertaining” Jake replies holding his hands up.
Mike Sighs and turns back to the field and his deputies.
“You Know, I thinking this is a better work out for the men than normal training.” States Grimm as he watches the huge Cyborg Roar down the field, Deputies dodging out of his way the entire time. Within a few seconds Mike has scored yet again.
Jake nods his head in approval “I Agree. The guys are certainly improving on their dodge techniques. Now if we can just get them to parry and fight as well as they dodge, we’d be set.”
Mike just sighs and grabs another soccer ball. As he makes his way down the makeshift field yet again an eerie glow erupts from mikes shoulder where sits a strange Creepy Skull its eye sockets suddenly bursting to life. Speaking in an eerie voice Yoric says the following.

“Nature runs, Chaos comes
From the shadows crimson runs
From the shadows something wicked this way comes.
The eye once hidden safe and sound, the eye once hidden a fool has found!
From the east, from the east through shadows door
From the east through the Moors.
The watcher watches, Events are sown,
But what will be, the future not known.
“Beware the moors!”

For several minutes everyone stood waiting for more, but as is always with Yoric the skull goes silent and speaks no more. Mike Looks at Grimm and Jake with confusion in his eyes. “Moors? We have Moors here?” Mike tells Grimm and Jake to mount up as he gets directions from of the deputies and then radio’s Sirius and tells him what is going on. After acquiring a spare hover cycle from the motor pool Grimm arrives and Jake hops on the back and the three take off.

Scene Five: The Hunters Song.__

Half way back from Merctown Sirius gets a call from mike over his radio. Telling him what Yoric said Mike thinks it’s a good Idea to check things out and gives Sirius Directions to the Moors and a place to meet up at. Sirius then informs Mike that he just so happens to have a passenger with him just FYI.
Just as Sirius gets off the radio with mike a guttural howl like that of a wolf rises to the left and just ahead of him. Mere moments later that Cry is answered on Sirius right also just ahead of him. Then on the trail ahead of him a Large Wolf runs towards him. It is a huge beast maybe six feet tall at the shoulder with glowing blood red eyes and its feet ablaze with fire. It runs towards Sirius at an amazing speed and Sirius can now see others converging on him from both sides five wolves in all. Thinking fast Sirius guns the bike and it takes off rocketing past the beast the pack turning to give chase but bike easily out distances them.
Sirius Radios Mike to tell him about what just happened and the two meet each other before their planed Rondeau the group is quickly surrounded by not just five wolves but several spectral beings also begin to emerge out of the surrounding forest the images are that of bears, wolves and Hunters all of whom have long since passed some of them not even from this time period. Something big is going down and the group take their stand as the gathering closes ranks on them.
But the beasts and specters do not come closer as if waiting for something. The wait is not long as on the trail behind the animals from the out of the night steps a Large Black Stallion obviously a war horse with Blood red eyes and a great mane that glistens like silk and Flaming Hooves that strike the ground like thunder. Smoke rises from its nostrils as it breaths it carries its master flawlessly and with a sureness one has never seen in any Rider although it is similar to what you have seen from Jack and Athena. The Rider is tall and powerful dressed in Black Armor his hooded face shielded with darkness save for two faming eyes and a pair of great antlers that rise from his head. Sirius looking on at the man in great surprise and wonder recognizes the Lord of the Hunt on sight (successful monster lore roll).
Grimm Appears in front of Mike stepping from the shadows an action the Hunter finds amusing and curious. Mike however appreciating the gesture steps around Grimm and introduces himself. He also explains to the Lord of the hunt where he is.
“I am the Leader of this Hunt and I am looking for a thief who stole something from me. You mortal are not who I seek.”
Sirius immediately asks Tonya what she did! Tonya shakes her head “Sorry I don’t steal from tall dark and creepy, tends to not go well.”
Mike asks what it was that was stolen from him and offers to help if can. He also adds that he is welcome in the area so long as he abides by the rules of the land. He even goes as far as to offer to buy the hunter a drink in Ella. A gesture that makes the Lord of the hunt Laugh.
“Mortal you amuse me! For this I will answer your query. I seek an amulet that belongs to me. More specifically the jewel attached to it. It is about the size of an Potato (I said softball without realizing that they may or may not have softballs) it is a black as the night and smooth like a Diamond but has a mist filled center that swirls when looked into. It was stolen by one who calls herself the Crimson Shadow. It is she I seek and upon her shall only my Wrath fall so long as no one gets in my way.” The Lord of the hunt pauses as he sees Jake and nods towards the young man.
“What has happened to him, I see a great Torment and pain over his body and his soul? How has this happened?” Mike says that this Crimson Shadow the Lord of the Hunt Speaks of is wanted by him as well for the injury inflicted upon Jake among others. If they should find this shadow how does he contact him to let him know?
The Hunter looks at Jake with a controlled rage and then to Grimm “I will bring this Harlot to Justice, count on that Mortal. You can tell your Shadow Hound. He will be able to contact me and perhaps mortal after this is done, we will have that drink.”
With that the Lord of the hunt gestures to his pack and one by one they return to their chase the hunter riding after them disappearing into the night as if they were never there.

Scene Six: The Cats Eye__

The group looks at themselves momentarily dazed by what just happened and then continue onto the moors where they come across a strange sight.
Three Alu Demons and a Necromancer have a Hatchling dragon tied down spread out in the center of a magic circle. The dragon must only be a several hours old as there is still egg in the circle where the creature is tied down. The dragon is a – Cats Eye Dragon (this will be played by Glens Daughter Kitty who will be playing next game with us.) and is struggling to get free but the ropes must be enchanted and refuse to budge. The group wastes no time and rushes in to help. The Alu demons rush to intercept as does several Zombies and skeletons which are SDC showing the intelligence of the Necromancer. It is but a slight challenge and a good workout and in the end the Calvary is once again victorious. They rescue the hatchling which is bruised and tired so the group takes her back to the village so she can heal. Yet as they make there way back to Ella and out of the moors there is a feeling of something watching the group something not seen but very evil.

From the shadows crimson runs
From the shadows something wicked this way comes.
In the darkness moving as one, through the darkness He shall come
From the east, through shadows door
From the east
“Beware the moors!”

The Rising Darkness

The Rising Darkness


The Calvary returned to Ella with their Prisoner. Mike would prefer to set this maniac in front of a firing squad but they need information from him and so long as he proves valuable he will live. In time the group get Mr. Vincent Clark to talk although with the right motivation it really wasn’t that hard. The group learned that while Merrodach is in league with the Dark Lord it is Merrodach who in fact has plans of his own, plans that include the total end of all things. Mr. Clark Now wants revenge against Merrodach for setting him up so he tells the group where they can find Merrodach or at least where he was going. A place to the south called Memphis. No one has heard of it so Bardou and Sirius return to Talyn 5 to make inquiries. Yukio goes and to the local tavern to see what the locals are talking about. Tonya and Grimm check in with the militia and Jake to see what they can find out. Mike goes to the local Church to seek wisdom.

Yukio: enters the High Noon Tavern and settles down with a drink striking up a conversation with the bar keep and several hunters. Seems the animals are becoming more aggressive lately and shadows prowl the woods at night as if you’re being followed but nothing is there. During the night wolves run in huge packs as if searching for something.

Tonya and Grimm: The two Return to the Sheriffs stations training ground to see about equipping Tonya better for the mission ahead. While there Grimm gets reports from the patrols and the watch about strange things going on in the forest. The animals are becoming restless, those who are non-predators are trying to get into barns and homes and such like they are scared out of their minds. Packs of wolves are becoming an increasing problem and some have even seen worgs in the mountains. Rumors from the north east say that dwarven soldiers have been securing the northern roads and are becoming more aggressive. Word is something has been attacking them but so far they have held their own. The patrol didn’t even know they had a dwarven population nearby.

Grimm has also learned from the shadows that shadow beasts and other denizens of shadow are being organized by several Shadow Lords. Tanis the High king of shadows has gone missing and this is causing a rift among the lords, if he is not found soon the lands of shadows may become a problem. OZ has gone to see what information he can find out for Grimm.

Bardou and Sirius: Both Return to Talyn 5 and ask about an ancient city called Memphis.
Memphis Tennessee is located south of old Paducah now called Merctown.
Talyn 5 gives a brief history of the City and some of its better known facts.
While seeking answers from Talyn 5, Sirius walks through the base and takes a turn he didn’t mean to and arrives in a part of the base he has not been in before.
In fact, power is shut down in this area to conserve on power consumption. He comes to a closed door with one of the hand security locks on it. Once opened he steps into what looks to be a mini control room of sorts. One side has a raised area with markings and on the other side of the room several consoles with flicking lights and switches. Sirius asks Talyn 5 what room is this and Talyn 5 responds promptly
“You are in the Portal Room”
This gets a paused response from both Sirius and Bardou – “Portal Room?”
“Talyn 5 where does the portal open to?” asks a surprised Sirius.
“The Portal Room Is connected to Talyn Prime the and several stable portals across the globe each with the designation of Talyn of which there are five in Total.” responds Talyn 5 Casually and a visual comes up on the viewer screen with four designations lit up to show their locations. One here in North America, One in South America, One In Africa and one in Antarctica.
Sirius then asks the obvious question in the room. “Ah, ok, so where is Talyn Prime?
The image on the screen expands to an image of the Sol System and its various planets, asteroid fields as well as the locations of the Sol Space communities which are still alive and well today despite a trying time of keeping things going. The communities are unaware of Talyn Prime as it is cloaked and only sends out communications once a year. It has unfortunately not heard any responses from any of the other three Talyns here on earth. They are however smaller and not as well equipped as Five and none of the Talyns are as equipped as Talyn Prime which is the main Base for all five. .
“Talyn Prime is located in Orbit above Titan, one of the Moons of Saturn. “
Talyn 5 Answers all the question leveled at her from both Sirius and Bardou. Yes, she has been in contact with Talyn Prime which is low on power but still able to function by shutting down all unnecessary functions. ie- Life support. The base is currently maintained by the stations security bots.
The portal can send and retrieve the group from anywhere it is attached to and also to one way destinations so long as there is a ley line to connect to. However the group is on their own to get back unless they can find a rift. The portal can connect to any open Rift and has safety measures to insure safe retrieval of Station personnel.

Sergeant Mike Stone Quietly Enters the Catholic Church that is Located in Ella or at least as quietly as a Combat borg can get. (the church is not dead but it is spread rather thin. The CS is mainly a Catholic faith base)
The sanctuary is silent save for the creaking of the boards beneath mikes feet.
He Speaks briefly with the Father there and then spends some time in meditation and deep thought. He is man of faith who relies heavily on what he can see and the might of his weapon systems. There is trouble ahead and yet suddenly he is inspired, refreshed and given strength to carry on.
Mike then gets a rather strange call from a very excited Bardou and Sirius. Something about a Talyn Prime?

The trip to Memphis is uneventful and the Calvary, make good time getting there. Almost as if the road was cleared for them. Navigating through the ruins of the once large city. Memphis stands now as a testament of a by gone era. You pull before an old Church that still stands and seems almost untouched, even nature seems to have stopped and gone around the ancient building giving the place a feeling of peace and tranquility with just a hint of uneasiness. Bardou feels the familiar surge of power from a ley line and more importantly a Nexus he cannot see but he feels it as if he was standing right on top of it. The front doors to the old church is open slightly but no sound comes from inside. Yukio decides to keep watch outside the old building feeling a bit uneasy about the place and the group enters the church. Then Shots ring out in the court yard as Yukio takes sniper fire. The fight is brief but it gives the group knowledge that they are not alone here.

The group re-enters the church with Yukio in tow and finds a place that is tended to and while not pristine, it is clean in general. Sleeping bags lay off to the side and other signs of life. The group enters the Sanctuary filled with stain glass windows amazingly still intact after all these years. There is an obvious missing presence to Mike. Where is the priest or the servants of the church who go about their daily routine? The move through the sanctuary with caution and move through the door to the left behind the Pastors Chair. It leads to a long corridor with a series of doors. Two are for storage another a small library and the one furthest is an office and study for the pastor. Complete with a fire place a small bookshelf a small bed and desk. In this room are the bodies of the pastor and three woman all dead. The sight takes mike back a bit. A door leading down to the basement makes Sirius mumble something about always down a creepy set of stairs into a dark shadowy place. Mike is silent, and just stares at the four dead people. He has certainly seen death before but this to him is different, this is just pure Evil!
Mike leads the group down the stairs and in to the basement and then through yet another door that leads further down beneath the church wear it finally opens to a place of great power. A Nexus bright and powerful sits directly under the old church like the very Eye of God himself. Bardou is more than just energized but is glowing with power from the magical energy he is now bathed in. pillars marked with religious symbols as well as magic hold the ceiling in place like the arms of a titan. A rift is open wide to a place on the other side filled with trees, a forest with soldiers guarding the complex the rift is obviously in. there is at least three guarding the rift and you simply know there is more than what you can see. Mike stares at the open rift knowing what he must do.
Then suddenly the room fades away and Mike is standing on the shore of a vast ocean brighter than the light of the sun. A calm peace flows over and through him. Strength and courage flow through him like a raging river and it flows through each of group one by one. Even as they are unaware as to where it comes from. Standing before mike now is a man dressed in Simple White robes with shoulder length brown hair a short brown goatee and brilliant blue eyes that hold mike still with confidence and grace.
“Do not be afraid of the task of ahead of you my son. His strength will go with you in your quest for justice. Be courageous and stand before the darkness and success will be yours. Go with his blessing and in his power.” Mike stares at the man as the seen before him fades and he suddenly knows who the man is.
“Yoric is that you?”
Yoric’s eyes flare with power. “Darkness has gone forth before you but with his might and power Victory will be yours if you go in his name”
The group stands ready, each looking at mike as he stands there wide eyed and Yoric speaks his words.
“Guys we’re now on a mission from God! We’re going in!”
Mike turns and with a breath he steps through the rift and the Calvary Follows.

The Rising Darkness- Divine Call.
The Security force never knew what hit them. The blaring of the Calvary Call was the only warning any one got as The Uncanny Calvary living up to its name came through the gate full throttle! Less than two minutes later the gate security force was defeated with most of its member dead its camp commander captured and the rest running for their lives. Looking over the Camp finds plenty for resupplying and three Unconscious prisoners in the supply tent one in critical need of Medical attention. The prisoners are large Lion like beings who are bruised and badly beaten. Mike has the camp commander tied up and begins to interrogate him.

While interrogating the Commander one of the lion beings wakes up and talks to the group. He is Roland a Ramen warrior and he and his comrades are defenders of the Temple of Light. A unit was dispatched to see who came through which has not seen anyone other Raman activity for quiet some time. When they arrived they were outnumbered and over powered by the forces of Merrodach.
The camp commander confirms what Roland is saying and after some encouragement tells the group that Merrodach and a force of 150 soldiers and demonic forces left for the temple two days ago. Roland Tells Mike to give him an hour and he will have a force to assist him in fighting Merrodach. Mike and the Calvary agree and Roland leaves and returns in a hour with a force of 100 soldiers comprised of a variety of beings some human, some elven or dwarves and several centaur as well as more Ramen. They then head out hoping they are not too late.
The group learns on the way to the temple that it is the location of two artifacts brought here to keep them out of evil hands. One is a black shard from the sword Midnight which was brought her over a thousand years ago. The other is a scroll that is said to be sealed with the ancient seal of the Most High and unable to be opened until decree and was placed here before the temple was even built. It is these two artifacts Merrodach wants and will stop at nothing to get.
The Calvary and its army come to the top of the hills and look down upon the Temple which is built on an Island and a great fight is underway. Demonic ground forces, Flying demons and Soldiers of the Hammer fight against the forces of the temple of light trying to gain entry into the Temple. You see humans, elves, dwarves and a lot of Ramen some of them winged fighting with everything they have. A great stone bridge stretches from the hillside to the island where a large castle like temple stands with warrior’s ling the walls defending against flying demons, while warriors line the bridge to prevent anyone from crossing.
Things however, are not going well for the Temple as Merrodach himself and several powerful demon warriors are at the great bridge trying to cross weaving spells and fire and making a slow but steady progress forward. A huge giant of a demon, most likely a lord of some kind wages his own fight against Raman warriors covering the backs of Merrodach and his forces. He stands roughly 25 feet tall with a great horned helm wearing burnt black armor. He wields two giant 10’ battle axes which he uses to cut away his enemies in a single swing.
But as always, mike has a plan!
Mike splits the Calvary into two forces.
One group goes through a cave that goes under the hillside and directly under the giant demon and the second group comes in full bore distracting him as the other group gives the big guy an anal exam! The plan works, sort of but the demon lord is a powerful one sends even Grimm Flying back and taking out Grimm’s shadow shield in one strike. It takes the full might of the Calvary, several Angelic arrows and Jakes mysterious powers to bring the Demon Lord down and there is a cry of hope and renewed vigor from the forces of the temple as the demon falls dead.
Mike grabs the two axes before the demon vanishes in a burst of flame and then sets his eyes on the prize – Merrodach! Too long has this necromancer been a pain in the ass for the Region around New Washington spreading his fear like a plague, today that pain and fear will cease!
With barely a notice from Merrodach several of the flying locust zero in on the Calvary as Eight balls of hellfire appear around Merrodach. Bardou launches a devastating spell attack against Merrodach but the spell fails to reach him, the Necromancer is protected by some anti-magic spell that Bardou does not know of. Merrodach barely even registers the attack his concentration is on the bridge. He launches three of the balls of flame at the forces there and with horror everyone sees the bridge of light engulfed in hellfire killing the guardians there and clearing a path across.
Merrodach’s power is immense and disheartening as a wave uncertainty washes over the area. Can the Calvary even defeat a foe such as this?
Who can stand against such power?
Several well placed Angelic arrows and Jakes Sword of Lighting answer that question as they strike at Merrodach’s shield getting Merrodach’s direct attention. Like an irritating gnat that will not leave him be, Merrodach turns his attention to the Calvary seeking a quick end to these simpletons who dare defy him! He Is Merrodach the Hand of the Death, who are these mere mortals who dare stand in his way?
Mike lets loose his Wrath with both spiked knuckles contributing his blows to the mages shield and Sirius, Grimm Give what they can all the while Yukio and Luna continue to hit him from a far! Then Hope beyond hope comes- the shield falls!
If they die they will go out in a blaze of glory but it would seem that deaths hand is aimed at another this day.
Merrodach’s magic pushes the team to max but as his shield falls it is Bardou with the greatest surprise as he strikes true (a Natural 20!) with Talyn which choses to display its most powerful attack – with Merrodach’s shield down the sword of Talyn slices through Merrodach robes like they are butter and deep into the mages side. A look of complete disbelief crosses Merrodach’s brow as his soul is ripped from his body but before the sword can fully drink its reward the soul vanishes in a cold grasp of deaths hand. With the combined might of the Uncanny Calvary however Merrodach is defeated and his forces no longer under the divine thrall of the Godling Merrodach scatter realizing they have been defeated.
A Roar of triumph erupts everywhere throughout the hillside like rolling Thunder and the temple as the demons and the remaining soldiers of the hammer run.
The battle is won, the artifacts are safe and rays of sun rain down upon the temple and the Calvary! A great feast is called for the glorious victory and all give their thanks to the Most high for bringing in the Calvary!
Roland Gives the Calvary a tour of the Temple which is in fact is simple place. There is little in the way of technology and It harkens ones imagination back to ancient times where fire is light and warriors are proud and honorable. You learn the Raman are a diverse bunch. Like many races they have a diverse history with some serving the so called gods of light led by RA and some serving certain so called gods of darkness. The Raman history begin countless ages ago in a galaxy far way, so far and so long ago that no one here in the federation knows anything about it save one or two historians and even they are not sure of it all.
The Raman are a race of knowledge and exploration much like the Atlanteans of old and in fact Roland says there are many stories of the two races traveling together. The ramen are a people who have mastered the mixing of Technology with the mystic arts both magic and Psychic. They have even begun to reach for the starts and have formed an alliance with three other planets in their system. They know of Sol and have even met one station of people in which they do business with but for the most part they are a conflicted people and so they keep out of their politics and so doing give the Sol system a wide berth unless absolutely necessary. They are not yet ready for the vast community around them and it is bigger than one thinks. Besides with the gate here they can travel just about anywhere they need to.
Here on Adon, there is a small colony of Raman but the temple has been here much longer than we have. We live to serve Him who snatched us out of the claws of death and given us life. This is indeed a Blessed Day!
The Celebration goes throughout the night and the next day.


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