The Uncanny Calvary



The Celebration and feast in your Honor was exciting as sat and listened of one of Sir Reginald’s many stories of his travels in the west. You discover that Psyloc is a community of warriors who originally were the protectors of over a thousand Tolkeen Refugees who made the long and arduous trip through the old Canadian Wilderness and to settle here on the other side of the CS. Some stayed in Lazlo and new Lazlo while others dispersed to other communities like Magestar and several small communities like Ella and of course Merctown. Psyloc was their traveling name and while passing through this area with the final group of refugees this small hamlet (which at the time was only around 12 families who started farms here) was in dire need of help from outlaws who continuously plagued the area. After defeating the Outlaws they discovered several other communities in the Norther Mountains and to the east which could also due with their help. The group settled here and the thankful community named the small area Psyloc after their rescuers. Sir Reginald is the unofficial leader of Psyloc, he tries to delegate authority to the original families but they like it better when he does all the thinking and they do what they are good at- farming and raising cattle. Despite the constant outlaw problem the area has done well under Sir Reginald’s guidance and he does his best to keep things going in that direction. As of late things have been relatively quiet so Sir Reginald and his group (which actually number around 30 or so) has been taking advantage of the peacefulness to train a local militia and teach the surrounding communities to better defend themselves giving training to all who wish to learn even if its basic training, it is better than having no training. This is actually much like what the Calvary has done with Ella and her surrounding communities. With your uniting together Sir Reginald can only see good things coming and a strength this area has not seen in a long time.

With the celebration finished and after a short rest to digest the all that good food, the Calvary prepares to leave for Ravens Crest and the Brotherhood of the Magi Sir Reginald and Kern Mount up to escort you with sir Reginald Riding a large Tan colored Horse and Kern riding atop a Fury beetle.

“Sir Reginald” calls a young man and Sir Reginald Turns atop his steed to look at the approaching Lad.
A young squire rides up towards your group from the main the gate and talks briefly with the Knight. Sir Reginald looks concerned for a moment over news of trouble concerning a neighboring community in the northern hills and some outlaws. He sends his squire off to assemble a few of the warriors and turns to Kern.
“Kern, be a good man and see to it that our new friends here get to Ravens Crest. Help them in any way they need. I will join you shortly.”
“As you wish Sir Reginald” replies the Giant with a curious look on his face.
“I am sorry my friends but it looks like I will need to catch up. There is trouble with some outlaws in the northern communities but this shouldn’t take long. Kern here is very familiar with the way and the people in Ravens Crest. He will escort you and make sure you meet the right people. I will meet you in Ravens Crest as soon as I can.” Explains Sir Reginald
“Is there anything we can help with?” asks Bardou but Sir Reginald smiles and thanks you for your kindness and concern but tis nothing but the usual trouble in that area. He will meet you in Ravens Crest, with that the Cyber-knight rides off towards a now gathering of a small group of well-armed warriors and they head out of the gate riding north.

Kern looks briefly northward after the shrinking images of the warriors but then turns and smiles at Bardou and suggest that they be off with Kern taking lead. The trip for the most part is uneventful if not slower than what you are used to. You take note that the road is well worn showing that it is well traveled. It is not until the group is almost at their destination when smoke can be seen. A road stretches towards the eastern hills and rising into the sky is a thick plum of dark smoke and the smell of fire is in the air. Bardou in his usual position above the group rises above the trees to get a good look at what may be going on.
Using his armors enhanced systems of the armor he magnifies the vision and sees the remains of what looks to be a caravan several miles away. There are seven Vehicles in total and the center vehicle is a large Salamander that looks like it had been literally ripped in half. All the vehicles are damaged and burning except one Big boss ATV that is on its side. The group decides to go and investigate thinking maybe they could help somehow.
Reaching the caravan Bardou begins a sweep of the area searching for life and finds the signatures of five survivors out of seven bodies. Sirius does a sweep of the outer area as does Jack and Athena while Jake, Grimm, and Kern tend to the fires to make sure they don’t become a bigger problem. Bardou asses the survivors and begins to treat those who are need of help more than the others. All of the survivors are unconscious but alive, some have blast marks from energy blasts of some sort. Several have broken bones and fragmentation wounds one has several stab wounds and is bleeding badly. All of which tells Bardou that this attack was recent, like within the last hour or two. Knowing he will need some help Bardou gives a shout out to Doc Thomson in Ella and has him gather his nurses and head out here he also has him find Little mike so he can look over the area and see what is salvageable.
“Mike, Mike, Mike everyone calls for mike – Mike needs a raise Dammit!”

Sirius while searching the outer area just off the road feels a chill run up his spine s if he is being watched but see find anyone, he does however find signs of an ambush that was laid out, most likely for the caravan which tells him that whoever attacked them knew they were coming.

Athena and jack checking the outer area on the opposite side finds a familiar scent, the hounds they have encountered before were here.

Doc Thomson arrives in the salamander (dun, dun, dun, dun, dun, da!) driven by little mike and Doc barely lets the Salamander stop before he and his assistants are out and helping the survivors. Bardou then checks out the ripped apart Salamander for clues of what this thing was carrying or a passenger’s manifest or something. After a closer inspection the Salamander indeed looks to have been torn open with help from an extremely sharp instrument of some kind. Large hand-like claw marks can also be seen on some of the edges. The salamander is only one of two vehicles not burning in the convoy. Looking around inside the Salamander Bardou finds a manifest that has the names of 45 passengers, mostly merchants and their helpers but there are also some travelers as well a group of four to be specific that was carrying three boxes that the four asked to keep here in the Salamander for added security. The group found only 7 bodies however, so once again there are missing people and now to add to it missing items because there seems to be no sign of the boxes. The logs give a list of what was being carried which is mostly trade items and food goods from neighboring communities. It also has the description of the three boxes that were stored on the Salamander itself. One was a crate the size of a basketball, another larger crate about was 5 ft x 4ft x 3 ft both made of enchanted wood, the third however was small Black Box about the size of a jewelry box.
The first thought Bardou has about the black box is of course midnight.

Meanwhile Sirius Radios that he found what looks to be a set up for an ambush not too far away from the caravan. Leaving Jake and Grimm to keep looking around the vehicles and help out little mike. Bardou, kern, jack and Athena join Sirius to look around the ambush site he found and while here Bardou gets this weird feeling that the group is being watched.

Sirius nearly falls into a hidden 30’ pit trap complete with spikes and several bodies.

Jack and Athena find a peculiar smell here and then heard a strange sound like rushing wind and turn to see a small baseball sized Black object with bat-like wings a barbed tail and one eye whipping towards him at an amazing speed (Those dam things can just a little over Mach 1)
And nails him with a force blast from its eye. Several others begin to take strafing runs at Jack And Athena As well one tries to petrify him sowing Jack that these Eye things can do more than just shoot force beams and stab with their tail oh yea and let’s not forget their fiery finale.

Happening simultaneously Bardou is blasted from behind by a Plasma blast that comes literally out of nowhere after testing for everything under the sun to find out where it is coming from he barely dodges another blast.

All Sirius sees is a quick red laser line appear and a red dot on Bardou just before the plasma shot forth and nailed him.

Kern is able to take out an Eyeball but gets hit with its fiery death. The big man just shrugs it off irritated.

Sirius while helping Bardou catches a glimpse of a shadow watching from afar and then vanish. Sirius shrugs it off and files it for later. Letting go with a wind rush spell in the direction of one of the laser sights and knocks the thing down with an audible thump but still can’t see anything.
Then suddenly an area begins to pulse with a red glow that is slow at first but then begins to speed up and get brighter. Bardou takes the sword off Talyn and slices off what is the guys arm and takes it up 3 miles and then hurls the thing and dives back to the ground. The thing blows to kingdom come but Bardou manages to land safely.
The Merc is alive and detained, the eyes defeated and Athena gets two scents one moving northeast and one moving south which is the same direction as Ravens Crest.
Getting a bad feeling, the group as a whole prepares to move out, Doc and Mike will take the survivors back to Ella for treatment and mike will bring back some hands to help with this salvage. Bardou rises above the tree line and his radar begins to pick up a major problem three miles off in the distance in the direction of Ravens Crest. He radios the rest and the group and they quickly take off hoping to help with Bardou taking the lead. The suits radar shows several large bogies in a formation going towards another group of red dots and there is ground convergence as well and Bardou radio’s this down to the group.
Concerned about what is being said Kern Radio’s Sir Reginald and tells him what is going on. Sir Reginald tells Kern that the trouble up north was minor and looks to perhaps to have been to draw their attention away from the south. He will be there as soon as he can and with reinforcements – he is not about to let one of their allies go down without a fight.
Bardou has his optics at full sees an Armored Personnel carrier with a flying power armor escort taking on several other armors then as he watches the fight a Dark Blue Form Rises into the sky looming before the carrier as lightning strikes it from several sides. The creature’s scales glistening in the clear bright sun. He mouths the words almost as a whisper and Athena begins to slow down making sure she heard right. 25 ft tall and almost 70 ft long with a wing spread of 120ft, A great horned dragon has joined the scuffle, two armors break off of the smaller targets to directly challenge the Dragon these armors look powerful and meant to tackle foes such as these and the fight looks like it is about to really begin. All of this activity happens in the skies above several warriors fighting around a seemingly innocent looking Inn one might find along any common road. Several mages stand in defense of the Inn as soldiers try to fight their way in.
Will the Calvary live up to its name, can they go toe to toe with seasoned vets, find out next time on another exciting episode of the Uncanny Calvary.


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