The Uncanny Calvary

Shifting Shadows

What a great night of gaming despite me not really being prepared, well, I was for something different but I wanted to go a different route and we had an observer with us this weak so I went with it and took went a different direction with a PG heading. It went very well and I am looking forward to next game already. I am especially looking forward to seeing what the dragon Hatchling can do. I have already looked up the Cats eye Dragon and I like it, I have many ideas for this. Really cool!

This should be fun.

Scene One: A victorious Return.__
The Calvary returned to Ella Victorious in their mission. The mission was not without its challenges and it would seem someone does not want you Unifying the area. Despite this however, The wolves, the mages, Psyloc and other communities have joined the territory and you even have a mercenary group who has started to rebuild the old town you found Jake in and make it into a kind of Headquarters for themselves. New Washington is shaping up nicely. In fact Ella has just begun to aggressively build homes for the new influx of refugees as they have run out of the homes that were emptied. Where Ella was once dying and almost dead she is now thriving and expanding her borders to make room for more. There are still communities to contact. There are the dwarves in the northern mountains and the Elves of the enchanted forest and other smaller communities’ but so far so good. Right this moment however the group just wants a little R&R or even just some normal mundane things to do in order to relax for a moment and catch their breath.
As luck would have it however that was not the case with some as Lt. James was in town waiting for the groups return. It has been a while since Lt. James has come to visit and it is actually good to him. His dress however tells he is not here as a Merctown Official wearing a Black and gray Fatigues, knock off CS Armor and a long coat. He is driving a big boss ATV and has grin of his face that says it’s about time.
Greeting the group Lt. James talks about how good everything looks around Ella and then looks to Bardou who he is here to see, he is needs Bardou’s Magical Expertise in an investigation he has come upon. Lt. James and Bardou go have a drink to discuss privately what he exactly needs. When all is said and done Bardou thinking perhaps they might need a little more Combat back up includes Jack in on the conversation. Lt. James would ask for the entire team but he thinks few is better on this particular mission and one that requires a more delicate finesse. Shortly after Bardou Jack and Athena Go with Lt. James but not before Bardou speaks with Mike. If He does not hear from them in three days go to his desk in his lab and there will be appear a letter detailing what they are doing. Hopefully they will be able to figure things out and find them.
With that the three go with Lt. James and head out in the direction of Merctown.
Meanwhile Mike and the rest of the Calvary settle in for some R&R.
Grimm heads for the Sheriff’s Station to debrief the deputies on what has been going on as well as to get a briefing on local affairs in his absence. Jake goes with him as the two have become a good team together one mirroring the other. Watching the two Mike is getting an Idea of just how good Jake is in handling himself as he keeps up and on several occasions gets the upper hand on Grimm.
Mike Decides he wants some leisure time and grabs a ball for nice relaxing game of soccer with the off-duty men. Well, relaxing for mike anyway the off duty men don’t look like they are sure of how relaxing it will be for them.
Little mike takes charge of the scrap metal that used to be Grimm’s Bike – Sorry dude!
Little Mike is also beyond excited to get started with the Fire Elemental in stasis.
Meanwhile Sirius decides to hop on his hover bike and heads off to Merctown in search of a black market book store. All in all it is just a quiet day in Ella.

Scene Two: Never judge a book by its cover.__
Sirius rides into Merctown around noon and finds the Market District busy as usual and the filled with the various aromas of food, people and gun oil! Slowly moving through the market He finds just what he is looking for.
“Ye Old Town Book Shoppe”
The Shoppe Is run by a tall man with a sort of athletic build but a definite bookish look to him. He is dresses in Fatigues pants, a black shirt and a long coat hangs on the hook behind the counter. He has short brown hair wears glasses and is in grossed in an old book that looks like some of the old tomes Bardou studies. The man’s name is Maxwell Veritas or just simply Max who has just about everything one could want in reading material. He is new in town only been open a few months but business has been booming since he opened his doors. He has a large variety of books ranging from pre-rift novels, history books, pre-rifts comic books and many, many more books in all different varieties. In fact he is sure he has something for everyone and if not let him know what you are looking for and he can probably find it for you – for a price.
After a few hours of perusing Sirius walks out of the store smiling and humming softly to himself and enjoying his great luck. In fact he can’t wait to get back and just sit back and read the rest of the day away, heading back to his bike Sirius feels an almost imperceptive jerk on his belt where his money is kept in an inconspicuous pouch to find said pouch gone!
Looking back the way he just came He sees a small hooded head running away from him quickly and he realizes that he has just been robbed.
“HEY, STOP! THIEF, YOU THERE, STOP!” No sooner than when Sirius takes up the chase does a chorus of shouts of the same erupt from several patrons behind him.
The person looks human, is small in size but very agile and quick. The thief ducks down a side alley between two stores and Sirius races cautiously behind the thief thinking he has seen this scenario in one too many old black market movies. The thief turns down another corner and Sirius then hears a muffled groan and a startled girlish scream.
Rounding the corner Sirius sees his hooded thief dangling in the air a huge Hand grasped tightly around her neck. The fist belonging to an angry ogre the thief just ran into and by the looks of it tried to steal something from him too! By the looks of the thief the person is down on their luck wearing tattered clothes that are too big for them with a worn out cloak, hood and moccasins. Despite wanting his pouch back Sirius slows down and put his hand up. Trying to calm the ogre who looks like he about to choke the life of out of her if he doesn’t do something. The ogre tells him to bug off but Sirius after a brief exchange of words offers 5000 credits for the person which gets the ogres attention
“For thisworthless piece of ….? You sure?” in the end the ogre tosses the thief at Sirius revealing a young lady who could be no more than fifteen. Sirius pays the ogre who happily goes on his way but now Sirius has to deal with the rest of the mob behind him. Telling the young lady to give everything back and she may survive this ordeal has merit and wins the day. She puts everything on the ground and then the two of them leave the mob who decides that it is enough to get their stuff back.
The Young lady’s name is Tonya Smirnoff and she like Sirius guessed she is an orphan living on the streets. She has no parents to speak of and has been on the streets her whole life. She recently arrived in Merctown looking to maybe sign on with someone but she has been running into the same spiel she always hears; she is too young, this is no life for a young lady, you’re just a kid blah, blah, blah! She steals so she can live but wants more by the sound of her voice. Sirius feeling sorry for her asks if she would like to make a more honest living.
Cautiously she says yes and Sirius explains he is from Ella and the local militia is always looking for people. It pays reasonably, it won’t make her rich but it shouldn’t take long to get enough to live by. She is young but Ella has a school and in between training she could always attend the school and enhance her mind as it were. Both prospects make Tonya’s day and the two head back to the hover cycle.

Scene Three: Reports.__

Grimm Makes his way in to the Sheriff’s Station and tell the desk clerk to tell Deputy Sylvan to see him in his office in five for a debriefing. The clerk Nods and is immediately on the radio for Taryn Mike and Grimm’s second in command when they are gone. Before the five minutes are up Taryn is in Grimm’s Office de-briefing him on what’s been happening in his absence.

• As you have probably noticed on your way in, construction on new homes has begun due to the influx of refugees. Homes are being built on all sides of Ella and has even begun over at lakeside as well. Hawk dragon has also begun building new homes as well and the mines have a new recruitment going on for miners to help with mining needs and production. Hawk dragon also has a new owner, Frank Travis who is the resident Scholar has decided to move to Hawk Drago and reopen the Trading Post and has partnered up with Clarence and Stan the new owners of the mines. Joining forces should help gather business and boosts profits. Because of this we have had to add additional security to the mines and around the towns so there are new faces to the security force all awaiting your approval pending Mikes Sheriff Stones Approval.
• Ella’s mill has re-opened and is now in full swing to help the demand of supplies for the homes. Which has also in turn given new jobs for the refugees who seem more than capable and willing to help provide for their new homes.
• The Docks have a few new fishing boats just brought up from Merctown as several families coming in are fishers and this will help boost our River trade.
• There have been some minor disturbances due to too much drinking after working hours by the construction crews and some of the sailors so we have increased patrols during the prime hours.
• There have been some weird events transpiring as of late. Wild animals have been breaking into the pens of the livestock and seeking safety in barns or just flat out running scared. Hunting is way down due to the lack of game in the area. No one knows why.
• Travelers coming in from the east are saying there is something creepy in the woods. As if something is watching them or stalking them from the shadows. People are afraid to travel at night due to the outright terror they feel along the trials.
o Several hunters have been reported missing by their loved ones. Deputies found two camp sites that had a team of four or five hunters that were abandoned. One site the campers Food was still hanging burned over a cold camp fire next to a pot of cold coffee. Their tents in good shape with nothing taken it just as if they got up and left. Deputies attempted to follow the tracks but lost them a few miles away from camp.
o Another camp site looked like a small war erupted there with everything torn to shreds. No bodies were found jus the camp in disarray. There was blood found but it didn’t lead anywhere. We found no tracks except what was normal from a group of hunters.
• There have been several break-ins on the east side of town small items of very little value was taken really. But they have happened enough for us to increase our night patrols.
o However, the Stanton House was broken into two days ago and the place torn apart as if someone was looking for something. Seeing no one lives there anymore we are not sure if anything was taken. It did look like there were something missing from his study and his desk but what they could be is anyone’s guess. We left the house as we found it in case you wanted to check it out for yourself.
o We did receive word that from Mr. Stanton’s Son the Magi would be returning to the house and staying there but we are not sure when that will be.
Just as Taryn finishes his debrief with Grimm gets a call from Jake over the radio.
“Mike needs over at the training field, says he has something important for us.”
“Rodger, I’m almost done here. I will meet you there.” Grimm Replies and he thanks Taryn for the catch up as he heads for the door.

Scene Four: Yoric Speaks.__

A Round black and white ball rockets through the air at nearly mock one barely missing a screaming Deputy who dove purposefully out of its way.

The ball soars into the goal rips through the net due to force and speed and continues down the street for another 30 yards or so before landing flat and sliding out of site.
Mike stone Cyborg soccer star stands looking at the deputy shaking his head.
“You’re supposed to keep the ball from entering the goal deputy, not dive away from it!”
Deputy Curtis Watts just stares at the torn hole in the goal net and wonders if a 10 mile run would be safe exercise.
“That’s now 70 for you boss, and 2 for the Deputies” Chuckles Grimm while Jake barely contains his laugh. Especially when the two scored by the deputies were completely by accident. “You know you two can play in stead of sitting there laughing!” Mike stated, staring at Jake and Grimm.
“I would but I was banned the last time we played remember.” Replied Grimm with a Cheshire grin. “Kicking the ball into the goal through the shadows is cheating! Serves you right.” Mike spat back looking now at Jake. “Don’t Look at me, This is far more entertaining” Jake replies holding his hands up.
Mike Sighs and turns back to the field and his deputies.
“You Know, I thinking this is a better work out for the men than normal training.” States Grimm as he watches the huge Cyborg Roar down the field, Deputies dodging out of his way the entire time. Within a few seconds Mike has scored yet again.
Jake nods his head in approval “I Agree. The guys are certainly improving on their dodge techniques. Now if we can just get them to parry and fight as well as they dodge, we’d be set.”
Mike just sighs and grabs another soccer ball. As he makes his way down the makeshift field yet again an eerie glow erupts from mikes shoulder where sits a strange Creepy Skull its eye sockets suddenly bursting to life. Speaking in an eerie voice Yoric says the following.

“Nature runs, Chaos comes
From the shadows crimson runs
From the shadows something wicked this way comes.
The eye once hidden safe and sound, the eye once hidden a fool has found!
From the east, from the east through shadows door
From the east through the Moors.
The watcher watches, Events are sown,
But what will be, the future not known.
“Beware the moors!”

For several minutes everyone stood waiting for more, but as is always with Yoric the skull goes silent and speaks no more. Mike Looks at Grimm and Jake with confusion in his eyes. “Moors? We have Moors here?” Mike tells Grimm and Jake to mount up as he gets directions from of the deputies and then radio’s Sirius and tells him what is going on. After acquiring a spare hover cycle from the motor pool Grimm arrives and Jake hops on the back and the three take off.

Scene Five: The Hunters Song.__

Half way back from Merctown Sirius gets a call from mike over his radio. Telling him what Yoric said Mike thinks it’s a good Idea to check things out and gives Sirius Directions to the Moors and a place to meet up at. Sirius then informs Mike that he just so happens to have a passenger with him just FYI.
Just as Sirius gets off the radio with mike a guttural howl like that of a wolf rises to the left and just ahead of him. Mere moments later that Cry is answered on Sirius right also just ahead of him. Then on the trail ahead of him a Large Wolf runs towards him. It is a huge beast maybe six feet tall at the shoulder with glowing blood red eyes and its feet ablaze with fire. It runs towards Sirius at an amazing speed and Sirius can now see others converging on him from both sides five wolves in all. Thinking fast Sirius guns the bike and it takes off rocketing past the beast the pack turning to give chase but bike easily out distances them.
Sirius Radios Mike to tell him about what just happened and the two meet each other before their planed Rondeau the group is quickly surrounded by not just five wolves but several spectral beings also begin to emerge out of the surrounding forest the images are that of bears, wolves and Hunters all of whom have long since passed some of them not even from this time period. Something big is going down and the group take their stand as the gathering closes ranks on them.
But the beasts and specters do not come closer as if waiting for something. The wait is not long as on the trail behind the animals from the out of the night steps a Large Black Stallion obviously a war horse with Blood red eyes and a great mane that glistens like silk and Flaming Hooves that strike the ground like thunder. Smoke rises from its nostrils as it breaths it carries its master flawlessly and with a sureness one has never seen in any Rider although it is similar to what you have seen from Jack and Athena. The Rider is tall and powerful dressed in Black Armor his hooded face shielded with darkness save for two faming eyes and a pair of great antlers that rise from his head. Sirius looking on at the man in great surprise and wonder recognizes the Lord of the Hunt on sight (successful monster lore roll).
Grimm Appears in front of Mike stepping from the shadows an action the Hunter finds amusing and curious. Mike however appreciating the gesture steps around Grimm and introduces himself. He also explains to the Lord of the hunt where he is.
“I am the Leader of this Hunt and I am looking for a thief who stole something from me. You mortal are not who I seek.”
Sirius immediately asks Tonya what she did! Tonya shakes her head “Sorry I don’t steal from tall dark and creepy, tends to not go well.”
Mike asks what it was that was stolen from him and offers to help if can. He also adds that he is welcome in the area so long as he abides by the rules of the land. He even goes as far as to offer to buy the hunter a drink in Ella. A gesture that makes the Lord of the hunt Laugh.
“Mortal you amuse me! For this I will answer your query. I seek an amulet that belongs to me. More specifically the jewel attached to it. It is about the size of an Potato (I said softball without realizing that they may or may not have softballs) it is a black as the night and smooth like a Diamond but has a mist filled center that swirls when looked into. It was stolen by one who calls herself the Crimson Shadow. It is she I seek and upon her shall only my Wrath fall so long as no one gets in my way.” The Lord of the hunt pauses as he sees Jake and nods towards the young man.
“What has happened to him, I see a great Torment and pain over his body and his soul? How has this happened?” Mike says that this Crimson Shadow the Lord of the Hunt Speaks of is wanted by him as well for the injury inflicted upon Jake among others. If they should find this shadow how does he contact him to let him know?
The Hunter looks at Jake with a controlled rage and then to Grimm “I will bring this Harlot to Justice, count on that Mortal. You can tell your Shadow Hound. He will be able to contact me and perhaps mortal after this is done, we will have that drink.”
With that the Lord of the hunt gestures to his pack and one by one they return to their chase the hunter riding after them disappearing into the night as if they were never there.

Scene Six: The Cats Eye__

The group looks at themselves momentarily dazed by what just happened and then continue onto the moors where they come across a strange sight.
Three Alu Demons and a Necromancer have a Hatchling dragon tied down spread out in the center of a magic circle. The dragon must only be a several hours old as there is still egg in the circle where the creature is tied down. The dragon is a – Cats Eye Dragon (this will be played by Glens Daughter Kitty who will be playing next game with us.) and is struggling to get free but the ropes must be enchanted and refuse to budge. The group wastes no time and rushes in to help. The Alu demons rush to intercept as does several Zombies and skeletons which are SDC showing the intelligence of the Necromancer. It is but a slight challenge and a good workout and in the end the Calvary is once again victorious. They rescue the hatchling which is bruised and tired so the group takes her back to the village so she can heal. Yet as they make there way back to Ella and out of the moors there is a feeling of something watching the group something not seen but very evil.

From the shadows crimson runs
From the shadows something wicked this way comes.
In the darkness moving as one, through the darkness He shall come
From the east, through shadows door
From the east
“Beware the moors!”


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