The Uncanny Calvary

The Rising Darkness- Divine Call.

The Security force never knew what hit them. The blaring of the Calvary Call was the only warning any one got as The Uncanny Calvary living up to its name came through the gate full throttle! Less than two minutes later the gate security force was defeated with most of its member dead its camp commander captured and the rest running for their lives. Looking over the Camp finds plenty for resupplying and three Unconscious prisoners in the supply tent one in critical need of Medical attention. The prisoners are large Lion like beings who are bruised and badly beaten. Mike has the camp commander tied up and begins to interrogate him.

While interrogating the Commander one of the lion beings wakes up and talks to the group. He is Roland a Ramen warrior and he and his comrades are defenders of the Temple of Light. A unit was dispatched to see who came through which has not seen anyone other Raman activity for quiet some time. When they arrived they were outnumbered and over powered by the forces of Merrodach.
The camp commander confirms what Roland is saying and after some encouragement tells the group that Merrodach and a force of 150 soldiers and demonic forces left for the temple two days ago. Roland Tells Mike to give him an hour and he will have a force to assist him in fighting Merrodach. Mike and the Calvary agree and Roland leaves and returns in a hour with a force of 100 soldiers comprised of a variety of beings some human, some elven or dwarves and several centaur as well as more Ramen. They then head out hoping they are not too late.
The group learns on the way to the temple that it is the location of two artifacts brought here to keep them out of evil hands. One is a black shard from the sword Midnight which was brought her over a thousand years ago. The other is a scroll that is said to be sealed with the ancient seal of the Most High and unable to be opened until decree and was placed here before the temple was even built. It is these two artifacts Merrodach wants and will stop at nothing to get.
The Calvary and its army come to the top of the hills and look down upon the Temple which is built on an Island and a great fight is underway. Demonic ground forces, Flying demons and Soldiers of the Hammer fight against the forces of the temple of light trying to gain entry into the Temple. You see humans, elves, dwarves and a lot of Ramen some of them winged fighting with everything they have. A great stone bridge stretches from the hillside to the island where a large castle like temple stands with warrior’s ling the walls defending against flying demons, while warriors line the bridge to prevent anyone from crossing.
Things however, are not going well for the Temple as Merrodach himself and several powerful demon warriors are at the great bridge trying to cross weaving spells and fire and making a slow but steady progress forward. A huge giant of a demon, most likely a lord of some kind wages his own fight against Raman warriors covering the backs of Merrodach and his forces. He stands roughly 25 feet tall with a great horned helm wearing burnt black armor. He wields two giant 10’ battle axes which he uses to cut away his enemies in a single swing.
But as always, mike has a plan!
Mike splits the Calvary into two forces.
One group goes through a cave that goes under the hillside and directly under the giant demon and the second group comes in full bore distracting him as the other group gives the big guy an anal exam! The plan works, sort of but the demon lord is a powerful one sends even Grimm Flying back and taking out Grimm’s shadow shield in one strike. It takes the full might of the Calvary, several Angelic arrows and Jakes mysterious powers to bring the Demon Lord down and there is a cry of hope and renewed vigor from the forces of the temple as the demon falls dead.
Mike grabs the two axes before the demon vanishes in a burst of flame and then sets his eyes on the prize – Merrodach! Too long has this necromancer been a pain in the ass for the Region around New Washington spreading his fear like a plague, today that pain and fear will cease!
With barely a notice from Merrodach several of the flying locust zero in on the Calvary as Eight balls of hellfire appear around Merrodach. Bardou launches a devastating spell attack against Merrodach but the spell fails to reach him, the Necromancer is protected by some anti-magic spell that Bardou does not know of. Merrodach barely even registers the attack his concentration is on the bridge. He launches three of the balls of flame at the forces there and with horror everyone sees the bridge of light engulfed in hellfire killing the guardians there and clearing a path across.
Merrodach’s power is immense and disheartening as a wave uncertainty washes over the area. Can the Calvary even defeat a foe such as this?
Who can stand against such power?
Several well placed Angelic arrows and Jakes Sword of Lighting answer that question as they strike at Merrodach’s shield getting Merrodach’s direct attention. Like an irritating gnat that will not leave him be, Merrodach turns his attention to the Calvary seeking a quick end to these simpletons who dare defy him! He Is Merrodach the Hand of the Death, who are these mere mortals who dare stand in his way?
Mike lets loose his Wrath with both spiked knuckles contributing his blows to the mages shield and Sirius, Grimm Give what they can all the while Yukio and Luna continue to hit him from a far! Then Hope beyond hope comes- the shield falls!
If they die they will go out in a blaze of glory but it would seem that deaths hand is aimed at another this day.
Merrodach’s magic pushes the team to max but as his shield falls it is Bardou with the greatest surprise as he strikes true (a Natural 20!) with Talyn which choses to display its most powerful attack – with Merrodach’s shield down the sword of Talyn slices through Merrodach robes like they are butter and deep into the mages side. A look of complete disbelief crosses Merrodach’s brow as his soul is ripped from his body but before the sword can fully drink its reward the soul vanishes in a cold grasp of deaths hand. With the combined might of the Uncanny Calvary however Merrodach is defeated and his forces no longer under the divine thrall of the Godling Merrodach scatter realizing they have been defeated.
A Roar of triumph erupts everywhere throughout the hillside like rolling Thunder and the temple as the demons and the remaining soldiers of the hammer run.
The battle is won, the artifacts are safe and rays of sun rain down upon the temple and the Calvary! A great feast is called for the glorious victory and all give their thanks to the Most high for bringing in the Calvary!
Roland Gives the Calvary a tour of the Temple which is in fact is simple place. There is little in the way of technology and It harkens ones imagination back to ancient times where fire is light and warriors are proud and honorable. You learn the Raman are a diverse bunch. Like many races they have a diverse history with some serving the so called gods of light led by RA and some serving certain so called gods of darkness. The Raman history begin countless ages ago in a galaxy far way, so far and so long ago that no one here in the federation knows anything about it save one or two historians and even they are not sure of it all.
The Raman are a race of knowledge and exploration much like the Atlanteans of old and in fact Roland says there are many stories of the two races traveling together. The ramen are a people who have mastered the mixing of Technology with the mystic arts both magic and Psychic. They have even begun to reach for the starts and have formed an alliance with three other planets in their system. They know of Sol and have even met one station of people in which they do business with but for the most part they are a conflicted people and so they keep out of their politics and so doing give the Sol system a wide berth unless absolutely necessary. They are not yet ready for the vast community around them and it is bigger than one thinks. Besides with the gate here they can travel just about anywhere they need to.
Here on Adon, there is a small colony of Raman but the temple has been here much longer than we have. We live to serve Him who snatched us out of the claws of death and given us life. This is indeed a Blessed Day!
The Celebration goes throughout the night and the next day.


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